IGNOU ID Card Part 1

Download IGNOU ID Card Online


IGNOU Student ID Card is a proof that a student is studying at IGNOU. It is an essential document which every IGNOU student must carry with...

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How to Prepare for Exams


Exam preparation is an essential part of the learning process. It helps students review and retain the material they have learned, and also gives them a...

How to Calculate Percentage for IGNOU

How to calculate percentage for IGNOU ?


Welcome to KHOJINET’s Percentage Calculator section, this percentage calculator allows you to get detailed analysis of your marks in BCA. Now no more hours of manual...

IGNOU B-Ed Fee Syllabus Programme and Important Details

IGNOU B.Ed Fee, Syllabus and Programme Details


The B.Ed. Programme offered by IGNOU is an innovative programme utilizing self instructional materials and information technology along with interactive personal contact programmes. The programme is...