IGNOU BDP (BA) Solved Assignments 2018-2019 For All Subjects

July 8, 2018

IGNOU BDP (BA) Solved Assignment For 2018-19 Session Click on the Course Title or Course Code to Download The PDF Assignment भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था का विकास: मुद्दे एवं परिद्रिश्य BECE-002 Course Name Course Code उपभोक्ता अध्ययन व्यवहारमूलक ACS-01 Consumer Studies ACS-01 बच्चों के लिए देखभाल सेवाओं का संगठन ACC-01 Organizing Childcare Services ACC-01 Export Procedures and Documentation…

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PHE-07 Solved Assignment For IGNOU B.Sc 2018 Session

April 12, 2018

Download Solved Assignment For 2018 SessionCourse Name: ELECTRIC AND MAGNETIC PHENOMENACourse Code: PHE-07Assignment Code: PHE-07/TMA/2018Medium: EnglishFormat: PDFValid Till: 31st December 2018 Questions Solved In This Solution Guide: a) Calculate the ratio of the electrostatic force and the gravitational force exerted by two protons on each other.b) The line density of charge in a wire is…

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LSE-01 Cell Biology Solved Assignment 2018 For IGNOU B.Sc

March 8, 2018

Course Code: LSE-01 Assignment Code: LSE-01/TMA/2018 Course Title: Cell Biology Differentiate between the following: (a)Procaryotes and Eucaryotes. (b)Mitochondria and Chloroplast. (c)Animal and Plant cells. (d)Fluorescence microscopy and phase contrast microscopy. Describe the methods for separating macromolecules on the basis of their size, charge, solubility and molecular affinity. What is medicated permeability? Discuss the types of…

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