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IGNOU BA (BDP) Solved Assignments For All Subjects 2017-18 Session

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IGNOU Re-Registration For July 2018 Started (Every Info Required)

IGNOU Online Re-Registration July 2018 – IGNOU has start collecting application for re registration in IGNOU University for next session. Candidates have to fill registration form by online method. Re-Registration facility is available only for those candidates who already enrolled in 2 years or more duration programme by taking Admission in IGNOU. Re-Registration means enrollment in next year session/ or semester in a programme. For getting re-registered, candidates have to submit assignments to centre and appear in IGNOU Term End Exams for previous year.
Requirements before filling Registration Form:
Candidate’s enrollment numberYour programme must be included in available programmeHow to apply online for Re-Registration:
Candidates have to open below Re-Registration link. Login with your Username (use enrollment no as username) and enter password. Fill your re registration form with selecting courses. After selection of courses, you can proceed for payment by online method which giv…

MCS-043 Solved Assignment For IGNOU MCA 4th Semester 2018

Program : MCA (Master in Computer Applications
Semester : 4th Semester
Course Code : MCS-043
Course Title : Advanced Database Management Systems
Assignment Number : MCA(4)/043/Assignment/17-18
Session : 2017-18
Download Assignment

PHE-15 Astronomy and Astrophysics Solved Assignment 2018

PHE-15 Solved Assignment For IGNOU B.Sc Course Code: PHE-15 Course Name: Astronomy and Astrophysics Assignment Code: PHE-15/TMA/2018 Medium: English Questions Solved In Assignmenta) Compare the brightness of the stars Sirius B and Sun using the data given in Table 1.3 of Unit 1.
b) Express the distances of the stars Sirius A and Antares from the Earth in light years.a) The zenith distance of a star at latitude 60o N is 25o. Calculate its declination.
b) Explain the horizon coordinate system with the help of a diagram.
c) The local time at Allahabad is 5 PM. Calculate the local time at New Delhi at that time.a) Explain the nebular model of the solar system.a) The absolute visual magnitude of a star is 6.5 and for its temperature, the bolometric correction
is –0.3. Calculate the absolute bolometric magnitude and the luminosity of the star.
b) What is H-R diagram? Discuss the characteristic features of stars located in any two distinct regions
of the H-R diagram.a) i Explain triple ɑ-reactio…

EHI-01 Modern India 1857-1964 Solved Assignment 2018

EHI-01 Solved Assignment For IGNOU BA (BDP) Course Code : EHI-01 Medium : English Assignment Code : EHI-01/AST/TMA/2017-18 Session : 2017-18 Questions Solved In Assignment:Discuss the various stages of colonialism in India. What was its impact on Indian economy?Discuss the reasons for the failure of the Revolt of 1857.Write a note on the non-Brahman movements in western and southern India.Write a note on the Khilafat Movement.Explain the reasons behind the partition of India.Discuss the early Sikh reform movements.Write short notes on any two of the following:
(a) Bharatendu Harishchandra
(b) Home Rule LeaguesGoto Download Page

BECE-002 English Medium Solved Assignment For IGNOU BA (BDP)

BECE-002 Indian Economic Development: Issues and Perspectives Solved Assignment For IGNOU BA (BDP)
Course Code: BECE-002 Course Title: Indian Economic Development: Issues and Perspectives Assignment Code: BECE-002/AST/TMA/2017-18 Medium: English Questions Solved In Assignment Solution:Bring out the linkage between a good transport system and efficiency.Why did classical economists consider trade as the ‘engine of growth’? What is the counter-view projected to this? Discuss.Write a note on the ancient Indian thoughts on development contrasting it with the modern notions of development.What is ‘Venture Capital’? What role do you think venture capital has in economic development?Discuss the major factors influencing the foreign investment flows into a country.Explain briefly the risks of high fiscal deficit.Indicate the meaning and importance of Work Force Participation Rate.Write a note on the limitations of WTO.Go To Download Page

IGNOU MCOM Date Sheet For Term End Exams June 2018

Below is the Term End Exam June 2018 Date Sheet For IGNOU MCOM 1st Year and 2nd Year. The date sheet is provided by date and timing wise so you don't have to sort it. As you should already know that date sheet is same for both English and Hindi Medium Exams. Please Note: Here morning session refers to 10am to 1pm and evening session refers to 2pm to 5pm. This Date Sheet can be changed, so you are advised to only use this date sheet as a pre-exam information and refer your Hall Ticket for final date sheet. IGNOU MCOM 1st Year Exam Date SheetCode
Course Name
DaySessionIBO-04Export Import Procedures and Documentation05/06/2018TUESDAYEveningIBO-06International Business Finance07/06/2018THURSDAYEveningIBO-01International Business Environment08/06/2018FRIDAYMorningIBO-02International Marketing Management19/06/2018TUESDAYMorningIBO-03India's Foreign Trade20/06/2018WEDNESDAYMorningIBO-05International,Marketing Logistics20/06/2018WEDNESDAYEvening IGNOU MCOM 2nd Year Exam Date SheetCo…

ECO-11 आयकर के मूल तत्व Solved Assignment 2017-18

ECO-11 Hindi Medium Solved Assignment For IGNOU BCOM (BDP) Course Code: ECO-11 Course Name: आयकर के मूल तत्व Assignment Code: ECO-11/TMA/2017-18 Medium: Hindi Session: 2017-18 Go To Download Page

IGNOU BA (BDP) Date Sheet For June 2018 Exams [UPDATED]

Below is the Term End Exam June 2018 Date Sheet For IGNOU BDP(BA) Subjects. Please Note: Here morning timimg refers to 10am to 1pm and afternoon timing refers to 2pm to 5pm. This Date Sheet can be changed, so you are advised to only use this date sheet as a pre-exam information and refer your Hall Ticket for final date sheet. IGNOU Foundation Course Exams Date SheetCodeCourse NameDateDayTimingFST-01Foundation Cource Science & TechnologyMonday11-6-2018AfternoonFEG-01Foundation Course In English-1Tuesday12-6-2018AfternoonFHD-02Foundation Course In Hindi-2Tuesday12-6-2018AfternoonBHDF-101/
FHD-01Foundation Course In Hindi-1Friday8-6-2018AfternoonFEG-02Foundation Course In English-2Friday8-6-2018AfternoonBSHF-101Foundation Course In Humanitiesand Social SciencesSaturday9-6-2018Afternoon IGNOU BA English Exams Date SheetCodeCourse NameDateDayTimingEEG-01
/BEGE-101Elective Course InEnglishFriday1-6-2018MorningEEG-02
/BEGE-101The structure ofModern EnglishSaturday2-6-2018MorningEEG-03

IGNOU BCA Datesheet For June 2018 Term End Exams (For All Semesters) [UPDATED]

Below are the datesheets for IGNOU BCA June 2018 Term End Exams for all semesters. It is also available on the official IGNOU site. This datesheet should only be used as pre-exam information. Datesheet can be changed in Hall Ticket. You should only use your hall-ticket as final datesheet during your exams. IGNOU BCA 1st Semester For Datesheet June 2018 ExamsCodeCourse NameDate
BCS-012Basic Mathematics
01-06-2018FridayAfternoonBCS-011Computer Basics
Foundation Course In English
08-06-2018FridayAfternoonECO-01Business Organization
13-06-2018WednesdayMorningDatesheet of Lab Exams Will Be Declared At The End Of The Theory Exams. IGNOU BCA 2nd Semester Datesheet For June 2018 ExamsCode
Course Name
C Language
MCS-012Computer Organization
Communication Skills
Discrete Mathematics
Datesheet …

ANC-01 Hindi Medium Solved Assignment 2018 (FREE)

ANC-01 समुदाय के लिए पोषण Solved Assignment Hindi Medium 2017-18 For IGNOU (FREE) Course Name: समुदाय के लिए पोषण  Course Code: ANC-01 Assignment Code: ANC-1/AST-1/TMA-1/2017-18 Medium: Hindi Download Assignment IGNOU BDP Solved Assignments For All Subjects

EHD-04 Hindi Medium Solved Assignment 2018 Session

EHD-04 Solved Assignment Hindi Medium For IGNOU BDP Course Code: EHD-04 Course Name: मध्यकालीन भारतीय साहित्य समाज और संस्कृति Assignment Code: EHD-04/TMA/2017-18 Medium: Hindi Session: 2017-18 Download Assignment Download IGNOU BDP Solved Assignments For All Courses

BSWE-005 Solved Assignment Hindi Medium (2018) IGNOU

BSWE-005 Hindi Medium Solved Assignment For IGNOU 2017-18 Session Course Code: BSWE-005 Couse Name: एच. आई. वी./एड्स का परिचय  Medium: Hindi Program: समाज कार्य में स्नातक उपाधि  स्त्रीय कार्य: 2017-18 Download Assignment