How to Change Address Online in IGNOU


Hello there, If you are on this page then you probably want to change your address registered in IGNOU. It could be for various reason like you moved to another location or it was filled wrong while registration or there might be some mistakes in street name or house number etc.

Previously student has to Download a Form , print it, fill it and send/submit it to their regional centre if they wanted to change the address. But in this time when everything is becoming online sooner or later this facility has to be made online as well. So in this post we will explain you the whole Procedure to change address in IGNOU so please read the full post carefully.

Online Procedure to Change Address in IGNOU

Step 1 : Visit this page to open IGNOU Student Portal :- You will see a screen similar to this one.

Step 2: Login with your enrollment number and password if you are already registered or Click on New Registration button to register yourself. Or if you forgot your password (like me) then click on Reset Password button and follow the instructions.

Step 3: After Successful Login you will see the Dashboard Screen similar to shown in the picture. Click on the Services option in the side menu (highlighted in red circle with arrow).

Step 4: On the services page you will see a bunch of options, scroll down and find the Address Change Request option and click on the Launch button.

Step 5: After clicking on the Launch button a new page will load with your current address detail registered in IGNOU. Below that you will see a New Change Request button under heading Change request click on the button.

Step 6: A new page will load with address change form, fill the details in the form fields and click on the submit. Before clicking the submit button make sure all the details filled in the form are correct and double check the spelling.

After submitting the form you will see a screen with Info message that Request submitted successfully. The screen will show your old request and the requested address.

I hope you understood the whole method and there won’t have an issue in changing your address in IGNOU.

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