Nvidia Partners with Reliance and Tata to Boost India’s AI Capabilities


U.S. chip firm Nvidia has recently announced strategic partnerships with two major Indian conglomerates, Reliance Industries and Tata Group, to further develop artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure and applications in India. The collaborations aim to leverage Nvidia’s computing power and expertise in AI to propel India’s digital transformation and drive innovation in various sectors.

In the partnership with Reliance Industries, Nvidia will provide the necessary computing power to build a cloud AI infrastructure platform. Reliance’s telecom unit, Jio, will be responsible for managing and maintaining the infrastructure and engaging with customers. This collaboration will enable Reliance to create AI applications and services for its vast base of 450 million Jio customers. Additionally, it will offer energy-efficient AI infrastructure to scientists, developers, and startups across India.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), India’s leading software services exporter, will also benefit from Nvidia’s partnership. TCS plans to utilize Nvidia’s technology to develop generative AI applications and build a supercomputer. Furthermore, TCS aims to upskill its workforce of 600,000 employees by leveraging this collaboration.

The partnership between Nvidia and Tata Group will catalyze the adoption of AI across various Tata companies, spanning industries from manufacturing to consumer businesses. This collaboration will empower Tata Group to harness the potential of AI and drive its digital transformation journey.

Reliance’s Semiconductor Manufacturing Ambitions

Reuters recently reported that Reliance Industries is contemplating venturing into semiconductor manufacturing in India. This move could further strengthen India’s position in the global semiconductor industry and support its ambition to become a self-reliant nation in the technology domain. With its extensive experience and expertise in AI, Nvidia could potentially play a crucial role in Reliance’s semiconductor manufacturing plans.

The partnerships between Nvidia and Reliance Industries, as well as Tata Group, mark a significant milestone in India’s AI landscape. These collaborations will accelerate the development of AI infrastructure, language models, and generative applications, paving the way for India to become a global AI powerhouse. With Nvidia’s support, Reliance and Tata Group are well-positioned to drive innovation, empower businesses, and fuel India’s digital transformation journey.