MCS-021 Solved Assignment For IGNOU BCA/MCA 2018-2019


Course Code : MCS-021

Course Title : Data and File Structures

Assignment Number : MCA(3)/021/Assignment/2018-19

Maximum Marks : 100

Weightage : 25%

Last Dates for Submission : 15th October, 2018 (for July, 2018 batch)

15th April, 2019 (for January, 2019 batch)

This assignment has four questions which carry 80 marks. Answer all the questions. Each question carries 20 marks. You may use illustrations and diagrams to enhance the explanations. Please go through the guidelines regarding assignments given in the Programme Guide. All the implementations should be in C language.

Questions Solved In This Assignment Solution:
Question 1:
Write an algorithm that accepts a Binary Tree as input and prints its height to standard output (20 Marks)
Question 2:
Write an algorithm for the implementation of a B tree. (20 Marks)
Question 3:
Write a note of not more than 5 pages summarizing the latest research in the area of “Searching Techniques”. Refer to various journals and other online resources. Indicate them in your assignment. (20 Marks)
Question 4:
Write an algorithm for the implementation of a Circularly Doubly Linked List.
(20 Marks)

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