IGNOU MES-012 Assignment Solution 2022-23 (FREE)

IGNOU MES-012 Solved Assignment


Assignment: 01

a) ‘Education is total development of an individual.’ Justify the statement with examples. (500 words)

Answer: Education of an individual is defined as a process that results into total or overall development of an individual. Psychologists have identified three domains of a human being: Cognitive domain, affective domain and psychomotor domain. When all three domains are developed to the best of an individual’s abilities… Read More

b) Explain the four pillars of education as advocated by the International Commission on Education headed by Jacques Delors. Discuss how they are relevant for the present-day education system. (500 words)

Answer: International Commission on Education for the Twenty-First Century Learning was headed by Jaques Delors, the former French Minister of Economy and Finance. The commission aimed at formulating suggestions and recommendations for renewal of education system. It initiated its action in March 1993 and… Read More

c) Suppose you are asked by the Principal of a Secondary School to evaluate the curriculum of your expertise. Prepare a detailed plan of how you will carry out the evaluation of the same curriculum. (500 words)

Answer: Evaluating a curriculum is an important process that helps determine the effectiveness of the curriculum and identify areas that need improvement. Here is a plan for how I would carry out the evaluation of… Read More