Get Fee Discount by Opting For Digital (PDF) Study Material – IGNOU


On 1st October 2018, new announcement came from Indira Gandhi National Open University. In this new scheme University announced that they will refund 15% program fee for the students who opt for digital (PDF) study material instead of printed books. It is mentioned that currently this scheme is available only for the students who have taken Admission/Re-Registration in July 2018 session.
The University has digitized the study material for different programs. The digitized material is available at eGyankosh, the digital repository of the University. Students can download the study material by visiting the official website . You can also request us and we will upload it on our website. We can provide you full study material for the subject you need in a single PDF file. Just leave a comment below to request us.

To opt for this scheme you have to fill a form and submit to your regional center. Online form will be available in few days for the same. We will update the link to the online form once it is available on same page.Please click the relevant links below to exercise your option for digital or printed study material. You will need to log in to your online admission account to exercise your option .

Where is your study material ? Track your study material dispatch status now.

Why this scheme ?

University is facing the problem of fulfilling the dispatch on time for the study material of the students. This could be the reason to launch this new scheme. Many students did not received their study material last year due to delivery problem in remote areas. You can also face failure of delivery problem due to incorrect or incomplete address. In that case your study material is delivered to your Regional Center. In many cases regional center is located far away from the student’s residence and they are unable to collect the study material from there.

We have also seen some cases where students changed address but their study material was delivered to old-address. And if you don’t have any contact in your old address you won’t get any information if your study material is delivered or not.

There has been also some cases where students changes subject or medium. And if your study material is already delivered to you got your study material (before any change), then you won’t get any study material until your next dispatch which will be in next session.

There lots of other cases which University has faced and they can’t help in all because they are beyond their reach. Many students complain that they don’t get any response from University when they try to contact. IGNOU is world’s largest open university. Surely it means they have a lot of students. And due limited resources university face difficulties in handling all the issues.

This scheme will help IGNOU to reduce the dispatch work of the study material, if hopefully students opted for it. We hope for the success of this scheme. What are your opinions about the scheme tell us in the comments section below.