ANC-01 Study Material (Nutrition for the Community) In PDF


Download ANC-01 Study Material (Books) In PDF. ANC-01 Nutrition for the Community is a subject of BDP (Bachelor Degree Programs) at IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University).
If you haven’t received your books via POST or in you STUDY CENTRE then it is difficult to find the material to study for your course. In some cases it takes very long time to get the study material. Many students receive their books just before exams. We are here providing you full ANC-01 study material in PDF format so that you can start your study on time. Download full block in single PDF file, just click on the Download Link below. The study material provided can also be downloaded from University’s website

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ANC-1 Nutrition for the Community (Study Material)
Block-1Basic Concepts in Nutrition – IDownload
Block-2Basic Concepts in Nutrition – IIDownload
Block-3Meal PlanningDownload
Block-4Effective Utilization of Food ResourcesDownload
Block-5Nutrition-Related DisordersDownload
Block-6Nutrition ProgrammesDownload
Block-7Quantity CookingDownload
Part IPractical ManualDownload
Part IIPractical ManualDownload

ANC-1 Nutrition for the Community (Syllabus)


Block- 1 Basic Concepts in Nutrition-I

  • Unit-1 Food, Nutrition and Health
  • Unit-2 The Macronutrients-I : Carbohydrates and Water
  • Unit-3 The Macronutrients-II : Proteins and Fats

Block- 2 Basic Concepts in Nutrition-II

  • Unit-4 The Micronutrients – I : Vitamins
  • Unit-5 The micronutrients – II : Minerals
  • Unit-6 Planning Balanced Diets

Block- 3 Meal Planning

  • Unit-7 Principles of Meal Planning and Meal Planning, for the Adult
  • Unit-8 Meal Planning for Pregnant and Lactating Women
  • Unit-9 Meal Planning for the Infant and Preschooler
  • Unit-10 Meal Planning for the School Child and Adolescent

Block- 4 Effective Utilisation of Food Resources

  • Unit-11 Food Budgeting
  • Unit-12 Food Selection – I
  • Unit-13 Food Selection – II
  • Unit-14 Food Storage
  • Unit-15 Food Preservation and Maximization of Nutritional Benefits
  • Unit-16 Food Safety

Block- 5 Nutrition-Related Disorders

  • Unit-17 Major Deficiency Diseases-I : Protein Energy Malnutrition and Xerophthalmia
  • Unit-18 Major Deficiency Diseases-II : Anaemia and iodine Deficiency Disorders
  • Unit-19 Other Nutritional Disorders
  • Unit-20 Nutrition and Infection
  • Unit-21 Dietary Management of Obesity, Heart Disease and Diabetes Mellitus
  • Unit-22 Maternal Malnutrition

Block- 6 Nutrition Programmes

  • Unit-23 Major Nutrition Programmes – I : Nutrient Deficiency Control Programme
  • Unit-24 Major Nutrition programmes – II : Supplementary Feeding Programmes
  • Unit-25 Assessment of Nutritional Status

Block- 7 Quantity Cooking

  • Unit-26 Planning the Food Service Establishment
  • Unit-27 Setting up the Food Service Establishment
  • Unit-28 Review of Food Service Establishment
  • Unit-29 Planning the Food Service Establishment
  • Unit-30 Setting up the Food Service Establishment
  • Unit-31 Review of Food Service Establishment