ECO-12 Elements of Auditing Solved Assignment 2017-18 For IGNOU BCOM

IGNOU BCOM Solved Assignment ECO-12 English Medium 2017-18

IGNOU BCOM Solved Assignment for 2018

ECO – 12 Solved Assignment (FREE) Course Title : Elements of Auditing Assignment Code : ECO – 12 /TMA/2017-18 Coverage : All Blocks Maximum Marks: 100

Questions Solved In PDF Solution File:

  1. “In vouching payments, the auditor does not merely seek proof that money has been paid always”. Discuss and explain the general conditions to be born in mind by the auditor while vouching cash transactions.
  2. Distinguish between any two of the following: (a) Audit Programme and Audit Note Book (b) Internal Audit and Statutory Audit (c) Company Audit and Partnerhsip Audit
  3. Explain the procedure of Appointment and Removal of an Auditor in a Company.
  4. How will you examine the following items while auditing the accounts of a limited company? (i) Redemption of Preference Share (ii) Forfeiture of Shares
  5. (a) What is meant by Clean and Qualified report? Explain the circumstances under which a qualified report may be necessary. (b) Discuss the major areas of examination involved in Management Audit.