What is BPP (Bachelor Preparatory Programme ) in IGNOU ?


What is BPP (Bachelor Preparatory Program) : This Program is offered by the University to those students who wish to do Bachelors Degree of IGNOU but do not have the essential qualification of having passed 10+2.
In absence of such a qualifying certificate these student are deprived of higher education. To enable such students to enter higher education stream, IGNOU has designed this preparatory Program. This is an enabling program of the University but is not equivalent to 10+2.
After passing from IGNOU BPP, candidate can take admission in only in IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National University). This BPP course is not valid for any other University.

IGNOU BPP Program Details

Minimum Duration: 6 Months
Maximum Duration: 2 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 1,000
Minimum Age: 18 Years
Maximum Age: No bar

Eligibility: No formal qualification


Subjects In IGNOU BPP

You have to pass following subjects to get the BPP certificate:


Other Details About BPP


Students will be required to complete seventy-five percent participation in theoretical counseling to become eligible to appear on the End of Course Exam. Similarly, you will be required to complete ninety percent attendance in practical contact sessions to become eligible for appearing in practical examination.

Continuous Evaluation of Theory Component


Assignment is a means of continuing assessment of theory and practical. Assignments will help you to recapitulate the theory and go back to the text again in case you are unable to answer a particular question. Thus assignments also help to reinforce learning in distance learning system of education.

These assignments consist of a set of questions and activities that you will answer at your own place by referring your blocks. The assignments will cover all types of questions (long answer type, short answer type, objective type, multiple choice questions and case studies). The assignments will carry thirty percent weightage. You will be required to obtain fifty percent marks as pass percentage in each assignment separately. Each assignment will carry 100 marks. In the final result assignments will carry 30% weightage.

Term-end Examination

As stated earlier, term-end examination is the major component of the evaluation system and it carries seventy percent weightage in the Final result. The University conducts the term end exams twice a year, that is, in June and December.

Students can take the examination only after completion of the course, failing which you can take the same in December or June of subsequent years within the total span of the program.

In case you fail to get a pass score in the Tern-end Examination, they will be eligible to reappear at the next Term-end Examination for that course as and when if is held, within the total span of the Programme.