MPC-001 Solved Assignment 2019-2020 Free


MPC-001 Cognitive Psychology, Learning and Memory

Section – A

Answer the following questions in 1000 words each.

Question 1. Define creativity. Critically discuss the Investment and Confluence theory of creativity.

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Question 2. Differentiate speech disorders from language disorders. Describe various speech disorders in terms of their characteristics ,feature and causes?

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Question 3. Discuss the emotional and intellectual blocks to problem solving. Explain the teaching and learning strategies to enhance problem solving.

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Section – C

Answer the following questions in 400 words each.

Question 4. Explain Thurstone’s theory of intelligence

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Question 5. Describe Wechsler’s Intelligence Scales.

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Question 6. Describe the stages of creativity.

Question 7. Explain the second language acquisition process.

Question 8. Discuss the biology of language acquisition.

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Section – C

Answer the following questions in 50 words each.

Question 9. Musical Intelligence.

Question 10. Concept of IQ.

Question 11. Problem Space.

Question 12. Well-defined and Ill-defined problems.

Question 13. Means-ends analysis

Question 14. Additive and Subtractive Bilingualism.

Question 15. Hippocampus and memory.

Question 16. Bloom’s taxonomy of cognitive domain.

Question 17. Short term memory.

Question 18. Nature versus nurture.

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