IGNOU MCA Assignments 2020-2021 Session | Solved and Unsolved


Download MCA Assignments 2020-21 For IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University). These assignments are valid for students who have taken admission in July 2020 Session and January 2021 Session. Last Date of submission is given in assignment question paper which is 31st October 2020 for July 2020 Session and 15th April 2021 For January 2021 Session. However these dates may be subject to change, you should submit assignments according to new dates (if any). You can Download the assignment question paper in PDF file by Unsolved or visit university website: www.ignou.ac.in .

MCA First Semester Assignments

Course CodeCourse TitleDownload
MCS-011Problem Solving and ProgrammingUnsolvedSolved
MCS-012Computer Organization and Assembly Language ProgrammingSolved
MCS-013Discrete MathematicsSolved
MCS-014Systems Analysis and DesignSolved
MCS-015Communication SkillsSolved
MCSL-016Internet Concepts and Web DesignSolved
MCSL-017C and Assembly Language Programming LabSolved
BCS-012Basic Mathematics (Optional)Solved

MCA Second Semester Assignments

Course CodeCourse TitleDownload
MCS-021Data and File StructuresUnsolvedSolved
MCS-022Operating System Concepts and Networking ManagementSolved
MCS-023Introduction to Database Management SystemsSolved
MCS-024Object Oriented Technologies and Java ProgrammingSolved
MCSL-025Lab CourseSolved

MCA Third Semester Assignments

Course CodeCourse TitleDownload
MCS-031Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsUnsolvedSolved
MCS-032Object Oriented Analysis and DesignSolved
MCS-033Advanced Discrete MathematicsSolved
MCS-034Software EngineeringSolved
MCS-035Accountancy and Financial ManagementSolved
MCSL-036Lab course for OOAD, S/E and Accountancy &Financial ManagementSolved

MCA Fourth Semester Assignments

Course CodeCourse TitleDownload
MCS-041Operating SystemsUnsolvedSolved
MCS-042Data Communication and Computer NetworkSolved
MCS-043Advanced Database Management SystemsSolved
MCS-044Mini ProjectSolved
MCSL-045UNIX and DBMS LabSolved

MCA Fifth Semester Assignments

Course CodeCourse TitleDownload
MCS-051Advanced Internet technologiesUnsolvedSolved
MCS-052Principles of Management and InformationSolved
MCS-053Computer Graphics and MultimediaSolved
MCSL-054Laboratory CourseSolved
MCSE-003Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge ManagementSolved
MCSE-004Numerical and Statistical ComputingSolved
MCSE-011Parallel ComputingSolved

MCA Sixth Semester Assignments

Course CodeCourse TitleDownload
MCS-060Project GuidelinesUnsolvedSolved

IGNOU MCA Program Details

The overall goal MCA at IGNOU is preparing postgraduate students for productive careers in the software industry and the academy, by providing an excellent environment for teaching and research in the core and emerging areas of the discipline.

The program gives students a thorough and solid training in theoretical and application-oriented courses relevant to the latest software development. The program emphasizes the application of software technology to solve mathematical, computing, communications / networking and commercial problems.

While designing this course Semester approach was the taken as a point. The first year starts with skill development in computers using various technologies, core courses and conceptual frame work is the main focus in second year and the third year provides the expertise and the project work.