MCS-032 Solved Assignment 2017-18 For IGNOU MCA 3rd Semester


Questions Solved in Assignment

  1. What is OOAD? Explain con cepts of generalization and specialization in OOAD, with the help of examples .
  2. What is class diagram ? Draw class diagram for Online Banking System.
  3. Explain advantage of use case diagram? Draw use cas e diagram for Online Banking System.
  4. Draw a sequence diagram for Online Movie Ticket Booking System.
    1. What is inheritance ? Explain its advantages.
    2. What is dynamic modeling? Explain its advantages.
  5. Explain relation of functional model with object model and dynamic model.
  6. Draw a DFD for Online Admission System of an University. Make necessary assumptions required.
  7. Write short note on followings (minimum in 300 words)
    1. One –way association and two-way association.
    2. Issues in Concurrency Control.

Credits: Aditya (