IGNOU Promoted Students To Next Year/Semester No Exam Required


Indira Gandhi National Open University commonly known as IGNOU, Issued a notification dated December 10, 2020 saying that it will promote the students to next year/semester.

Due to no stop in COVID-19 spread, IGNOU has decided that it will promote the students to next year/semester. Previously IGNOU delayed the December 2020 Term End Exams till the month of February 2021.

This news is a big relief to the students who are not prepared for the exams due to the direct or indirect effects COVID-19 spread. Many students were not clear what will University decide. As “People’s University” as it’s tagline IGNOU has certainly made a decision in the favor of people.

Although this decision is a relief for most of the students, this relief not for all the students. Students of some courses will not benefit from this decision. Those courses are BED, BLIS, MLIS, BLM, MHA, BSC(N), BCOM(AF), BCOM(CAA), BCOM(FCA), BBA (Service Management), MCOM (MAFS), MCOM(FT), MCOM(BPCG). These courses are offered through MoU with other institutes so IGNOU can’t make decision for them alone.

Students who are in Final Year/Final Semester won’t be affected by this. They have to pass the exams to get their Degree/Diploma/Certificate etc.

For further details you can read the official notice that was posted on IGNOU website.


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