IGNOU Giving Last Chance To Improve Marks and Percentage

Last Chance to Improve Marks

Good day everyone, I have an important announcement from the academic council of IGNOU. At its 79th meeting held on 20th December 2022, the council approved the withdrawal of rounding off the overall percentage in the Statement of Marks/Grade Card, effective immediately. This means that starting from the Term-end Examination of December 2022, the rounding off of marks will no longer be allowed.

But don’t worry, the council has also approved a special chance for improvement for students who were affected by rounding off of marks in the past. This special chance is only available to students who had their overall percentage rounded off to 50% from 49.50 to 49.99% in bachelor and master degree programs and 55% from 54.50 to 54.99% in master degree programs, between the Term-end Examination, December 2008 and June 2022.

These eligible students will be given only one special chance for improvement and will be allowed to appear in the term-end examination of any two courses of their choice, provided the courses still exist. The fee for the examination will be 750 rupees per course.

For those who avail of this special scheme for improvement and improve their marks, a fresh grade card and provisional certificate will be issued to them for the current session, and they will have to surrender their previous statement of marks, grade cards, and degree certificates to the university.

There will be no re-admission fee if the maximum duration of the program has already expired. The application for this special scheme for improvement can be submitted online along with a payment of 750 rupees per course, with a maximum of two courses and 1500 rupees in total. The online portal for this purpose will be opened soon.

The university reserves the right to make any further decisions regarding this matter at a later date. We hope this information helps clarify any confusion and good luck to those who choose to take advantage of this special chance for improvement. That’s all for now, thank you for tuning in.