MCS-011 Solved Assignment For IGNOU 2018-19 Session

IGNOU BCA MCA Solved Assignment MCS-011 2018-2019

MCS-011 Solved Assignment 2018-19

MCS-011 Tutor Marked Assignment is for MCA 1st Semester and BCA 2nd Semester Students. Below are the full details of assignment. Read it and click on the download button below to download the assignment.

Course Code: MCS-011
Course Title: Problem Solving and Programming
Session: 2018-19
Last Dates for Submission : 15th October, 2018 (For July 2018 Session)
15th April, 2019 (For January 2019 Session)
Following questions are solved in this solution:

  1. Write an algorithm, draw a flow chart and write its corresponding C program to convert a decimal number to its equivalent hexadecimal number.
  2. Write an algorithm and its corresponding C program to generate students’ Progress-Report for VIII standard (section of 20 students) of a CBSE school for all its 4 terms. Use Structures concept. Assumptions can be made wherever necessary.
  3. Write a C program to generate the following pattern:
    1 2
    1 2 3
    1 2 3 4
    1 2 3 4 5
  4. Write a program to generate Fibonacci series using Recursion.
  5. Write a C program to perform the following operation on matrices D = A + (B * C), where A, B and C are matrices of (3 X 3) size and D is the resultant matrix.
  6. Write an interactive C program to calculate the string length of a given string, using pointers.
  7. Write a C program to take a list of N numbers, separate even and odd numbers and put them in two appropriate files (evenfile and oddfile). Use File Handling concept.
  8. Write an interactive C program for each to illustrate the following concepts:
    (a) Enumerated data type (b) Macros in C (c) typedef (d) Goto statement (e) Break statement