IGNOU Changed Exam Pattern For 2 Main Subjects


According to the latest update from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) exam pattern for 2 important subjects will be changed. New pattern/changes will be applicable from upcoming December 2019 Term End Exams. Check if you have exams for these two subjects.

Which subjects are affected ?

Subjects for which question paper pattern will be changed are FST-01 and BSHF-101. FST-01 is a Foundation Course in Science and Technology and BSHF-101 or FHS-01 is a Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences. These two subjects are foundation courses and are common subjects in BA, BCOM, BSC, BSW, BTS and other Bachelor Degree Programmes.

What are the changes ?

According to the notification from IGNOU, examination pattern for FST-01 and BSHF-101 subjects will be changed to Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Type from December 2019. OMR sheets will be used to conduct exams for these two subejcts from now on.

What is OMR Sheet ?

OMR Sheets are used to conduct exams for Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). In MCQ type exams you are given various answers for questions and you have to mark the right answers. For example you have to select from A, B, C or D (Like KBC).

OMR Sheet Example

Why this change ?

As you have read in the start, these two subjects are foundation courses and common in BA, BCOM, B.Sc, BSW, BTW and Other Bachelor Degree Programmes. So there are a lot of students in the IGNOU who have these subjects. Number of answer sheets to be checked by University will also be bigger depending on the number of students. Result is delayed due to same reason. Now the university is decreasing its checking time by using MCQ type questions and OMR sheets. This will help the university to check the answer sheet quickly and release the result on time for the students.

All in all it is a good news for students because MCQ type questions are also considered easy compared to other questions.

Who are affected by this change ?

Firstly, if you have already passed this exam in any of the previous term then you don’t have to worry about this change, it will not affect you.

All the students who have these subjects in their syllabus and haven’t yet passed these two subjects will have to give the examination according to the new pattern. If you are one of these students then prepare your exam accordingly.

NOTE – The exams of Foundation course (FST-01 and BSHF-101) will be held twice, once for the students of BA and B.Com and next for the students of B.Sc. and rest of the programmes. Accordingly, the datesheet has been modified and the dates for the courses are as under:

FST-0128-12-2019 (Evening) (BA and BCom)
07-12-2019 (Morning) (B.Sc and Other programmes)
BSHF-10128-12-2019 (Evening) (BA and BCom)
07-12-2019 (Morning) (B.Sc and Other programmes)

Best of Luck for Your Exams 🙂