IGNOU BCA Date Sheet for June 2021 Term End Exams (June-July 2021)

IGNOU BCA Date Sheet June 2021 Term End Exams (Semester Wise). This date sheet also sorted date wise for your convenience.

BCA 1st Semester Date Sheet

Course CodeCourse TitleDate of ExamTiming
BCS-011Computer Basic & PC Software15-June-2021 (Tue)Evening
Basic Mathematics
16-June-2021 (Wed)Evening
FEG-02Foundation Course In English-22-July-2021 (Fri)Evening
ECO-01Business Studies10-July-2021 (Sat)Morning
BCSL-013Computer Basic & PC Software LabNot DeclaredNot Declared

BCA 2nd Semester Date Sheet

Course CodeCourse TitleDate of ExamTiming
MCS-011Problem Solving and Programming21-June-2021 (Mon)Evening
MCS-012Computer Organization & Assembly Languag22-June-2021 (Tue)Evening
MCS-013Discrete Mathematics23-June-2021 (Wed)Evening
MCS-015Communication Skills25-June-2021 (Fri)Evening
ECO-02Accountancy-I6-July-2021 (Tue)Evening
BCSL-021C Language LabNot DeclaredNot Declared
BCSL-022Assembly Language LabNot DeclaredNot Declared

BCA 3rd Semester Date Sheet

Course CodeCourse TitleDate of ExamTiming
BCS-031Programming in C++17-June-2021 (Thu)Evening
MCS-014System Analysis and Design24-June-2021 (Thu)Evening
MCS-021Data and File Structures29-June-2021 (Tue)Evening
MCS-023Database Management System1-July-2021 (Thu)Evening
BCSL-032C++ Programming LabNot DeclaredNot Declared
BCSL-033Data and File Structures LabNot DeclaredNot Declared
BCSL-034DBMS LabNot DeclaredNot Declared

BCA 4th Semester Date Sheet

Course CodeCourse TitleDate of ExamTiming
BCS-041Fundamentals of Computer Networks18-June-2021 (Fri)Evening
BCS-042Introduction to Algorithm Design19-June-2021 (Sat)Evening
MCS-024OOP and Java Programming3-July-2021 (Sat)Evening
BCS-040Statistical Techniques5-July-2021 (Mon)Evening
BCSL-043Java Programming LabNot DeclaredNot Declared
BCSL-044Statistical Techniques LabNot DeclaredNot Declared
BCSL-045Algorithm Design LabNot DeclaredNot Declared
MCSL-016Internet Concepts and Web Design LabNot DeclaredNot Declared

BCA 5th Semester Date Sheet

Course CodeCourse TitleDate of ExamTiming
BCS-051Introduction to Software Engineering7-July-2021 (Wed)Evening
BCS-052Network Programming and Administration8-July-2021 (Thu)Evening
BCS-053Web Programming9-July-2021 (Fri)Evening
BCS-054Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques12-July-2021 (Mon)Evening
BCS-055Business Communication13-July-2021 (Tue)Evening
BCSL-056Network Programming & Administration LabNot DeclaredNot Declared
BCSL-057Web Programming LabNot DeclaredNot Declared
BCSL-058Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques LabNot DeclaredNot Declared

BCA 6th Semester Date Sheet

Course CodeCourse TitleDate of ExamTiming
MCS-022Operating System Concepts and Networking Management30-June-2021 (Wed)Evening
BCS-062E-Commerce14-July-2021 (Wed)Evening
BCSL-063Operating System Concepts and Networking Management LabNot DeclaredNot Declared

Please Note:
Morning Time : 10:00am to 01:00pm
Evening Time : 02:00pm to 05:00pm
This date sheet is temporary and is for information purposes only. Although most of the exam dates will remain same in term end exams as this date sheet but some dates could be changed if needed. You should not consider this as final date sheet. If by any chance your exams clash on same date according to this date sheet then please inform at the following email address latest by 30th March, 2021- [email protected]. You should always consider your hall ticket as final date sheet for the term end exams. For date sheet and other IGNOU updates visit

Before forwarding any email reporting clash/overlapping of courses please ensure that –

  • The courses are not backlog courses (which means if the courses of first, second or third year OR first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth semester are clashing with each other then it is not considered as clash as they pertain to different years/semester).
  • The courses are not pertaining to different programmes of study.


Is this final date sheet ?

No, dates can be changed if university wants.

Where can i find updates ?

You can always check on for any updates about IGNOU.

Where can i find final date sheet?

Your hall ticket is considered the final dates for exams.

Where will i get my hall ticket ?

You can download the hall ticket from our website

My hall ticket is not showing.

Hall ticket is issued 7 days before the exams by IGNOU. If you have applied for exam form you will get your hall ticket before exams.

Where can i apply for exam form ?

To apply for Term End Exams visit

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