IBO-04 Solved Assignment For IGNOU MCOM 1st Year 2017-18


IGNOU MCOM Solved Assignment for 2018 (FREE)

IBO-04 Exoort Import Procedure and Documentation

Questions Solved In Assignment:

    1. Do you think that Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) brings significant benefits to the Organization? Discuss with suitable examples.
    2. Explain various EDI standards.
  1. What are the regulatory framework for Import finance? Explain various methods of import finance available to Indian Importers.
  2. State the stages of shipment of export cargo. Explain the Customs clearance of export cargo by sea along with the documentation formalities.
  3. Comment on the following statements:
    1. Deemed exports refer to those transactions in which the goods supplied leave the country.
    2. From the exporter’s point of view, advance payment is not free from any kind of credit or transfer risks.
    3. Open cover and Open policy are the same.
    4. There are no financial assistance scheme for agricultural, horticultural and meat exports.
  4. Write short notes on the following:
    1. Legal framework for foreign trade
    2. Documents against Acceptance
    3. Bill of Entry
    4. Importance of Institutional Infrastructure