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IGNOU MCOM Hindi Medium Solved Assignments 2017-18 (FREE)

June 26, 2018

Master of Commerce – M.Com Solved Assignments for July 2017 and January 2018 Admission Cycles/SessionsM.Com First Year Solved Assignments and M.Com Second Year Solved Assignments Tutor Marked Assignments For IGNOU (Free)Solved Assignment for 2017-18 M.COMClick on the Course Code or Course title to download the assignment. Note: These assignments are valid for two admission cycles…

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IBO-01 Study Material For MCOM 1st Year IGNOU

June 24, 2018

Download IBO-01 (International Business Environment) Books In Single PDF. IBO-01 is a subject of Masters in Commerce 1st Year at IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University).If you haven’t received your books via POST or in you STUDY CENTRE then it is difficult to find the material to study for your course. In some cases it…

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Download Previous Question Papers For IGNOU MCOM 1st Year

May 13, 2018

Course Overview School of Management Studies, the biggest business school in Open Learning System in the world, has developed an innovative programme Master of Commerce (M.Com) with specialisation in International Business Operations. The main objective of this programme is to equip the students with necessary conceptual, entrepreneurial and analytical skills required for handling the Business…

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IBO-04 Solved Assignment For IGNOU MCOM 1st Year 2017-18

January 14, 2018

IGNOU MCOM Solved Assignment for 2018 (FREE) IBO-04 Exoort Import Procedure and Documentation Questions Solved In Assignment: Do you think that Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) brings significant benefits to the Organization? Discuss with suitable examples. Explain various EDI standards. What are the regulatory framework for Import finance? Explain various methods of import finance available to…

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IBO-03 Solved Assignment For IGNOU MCOM 1st Year 2017-18

January 9, 2018

IGNOU MCOM Solved Assignment for 2018 (FREE) IBO-03 India’s Foreign Trade Questions Solved In Assignment: Explain the concept of balance of payments. How is it classified? Describe salient features of India’s balance of payments. Discuss briefly various initiatives outlined in the Annual supplement 2005 to the Foreign Trade Policy, 2004-09. “Garments have emerged as the…

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IBO-02 Solved Assignment For MCOM 1st Year 2018

January 8, 2018

IGNOU MCOM Solved Assignment for 2018 (FREE) IBO-02 International Marketing Management Questions Solved In Assignment: What do you understand by international marketing, multinational marketing and global marketing? Explain how international marketing involvement and commitment of the company change in the above three situations An Indian tractor manufacturing company would like to enter African market in…

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IBO-01 Solved Assignment For MCOM 1st Year 2018

January 7, 2018

IGNOU MCOM Solved Assignment for 2018 (FREE) IBO-01 International Business Environment Questions Solved In Assignment: What are the underlying principles of balance of payments? Explain various components of balance of payments with examples. Describe the effects of globalization on the world economy. Explain various approaches to globalization of the firm Explain various International Commodity Agreements….

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