[FREE] ECO-01 Business Organization Solved Assignment 2023-24

IGNOU ECO-01 Solved Assignment

This assignment is designed to test your understanding of the Business Organization course and is an important part of your overall assessment. It carries a weightage of 30% and can contribute significantly to your final grade.

Assignment Details

The last date for submission of the assignment is 31st October 2023 for the July session and 30th April 2024 for the January session. It is important to submit your assignment on time to avoid any issues. Late submissions may not be accepted, and you may lose marks as a result.

Assignment Questions

Q1. What do you understand by commerce? Briefly explain the classification of commerce with suitable examples. (2+18)

Q2. Explain briefly the importance of stock exchange in a modern society. What are its shortcomings? (10+10)

Q3. What do you understand by advertising media? Discuss the importance of media for advertising. (2+18)

Q4. Define the term ‘Banker’. What is the relationship between a banker and his customer? (2+18)

Q5. Comment briefly on the following statements: (4×5)

(a) Economics activities are concerned with production, exchange and distribution of goods and services.
(b) A company established by a special act of the parliament or state legislature is called ‘statutory company’.
(c) Capital market denotes transactions involving procurement and supply of long-term funds which take place among individuals and institutions.
(d) Retailing refers to sale of goods to the ultimate users.

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