BCSL-063 Solved Assignment IGNOU BCA 2018-2019


BCSL-063 Solved Assignment 2018-19 For BCA 5th Semester (IGNOU)

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Course Code : BCSL-063
Course Title : Operating System Networking Management Lab
Assignment Number : BCA(6)-063/Assignment/2018-19
Maximum Marks : 50
Weightage : 25%
Last date of Submission : 15th October, 2018 (For July, 2018 Session)
15th April, 2019 (For January, 2019 Session)

Note: This assignment has two questions. Answer all the questions. These questions carry 40 marks. Rest 10 marks are for viva voce.

Question 1:
(a) Configure IPsec policy on local computer. Also enable and configure IPsec policy for an entire domain in Windows Server. (10 Marks)
(b) Write the commands on Linux/Unix to perform the following networking tasks:
(i) change the value of MTU
(ii) shows number of hops taken to reach destination
(iii) display routing table information
(iv) shows and manipulate IP routing table
(10 Marks)

Question 2:
(a) Write steps to configure DHCP on Windows server. (5 Marks)
(b) Write a shell script which will help network administrator to analyze the disk usage. It will highlight the disk if its utilization is more than 90%. (Make suitable assumptions, if any)

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