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IGNOU MCOM Date Sheet For Term End Exams June 2018

Below is the Term End Exam June 2018 Date Sheet For IGNOU MCOM 1st Year and 2nd Year. The date sheet is provided by date and timing wise so you don't have to sort it. As you should already know that date sheet is same for both English and Hindi Medium Exams. Please Note: Here morning session refers to 10am to 1pm and evening session refers to 2pm to 5pm. This Date Sheet can be changed, so you are advised to only use this date sheet as a pre-exam information and refer your Hall Ticket for final date sheet. IGNOU MCOM 1st Year Exam Date SheetCode
Course Name
DaySessionIBO-04Export Import Procedures and Documentation05/06/2018TUESDAYEveningIBO-06International Business Finance07/06/2018THURSDAYEveningIBO-01International Business Environment08/06/2018FRIDAYMorningIBO-02International Marketing Management19/06/2018TUESDAYMorningIBO-03India's Foreign Trade20/06/2018WEDNESDAYMorningIBO-05International,Marketing Logistics20/06/2018WEDNESDAYEvening IGNOU MCOM 2nd Year Exam Date SheetCo…

ECO-11 आयकर के मूल तत्व Solved Assignment 2017-18

ECO-11 Hindi Medium Solved Assignment For IGNOU BCOM (BDP) Course Code: ECO-11 Course Name: आयकर के मूल तत्व Assignment Code: ECO-11/TMA/2017-18 Medium: Hindi Session: 2017-18 Go To Download Page

IGNOU BA (BDP) Date Sheet For June 2018 Exams [UPDATED]

Below is the Term End Exam June 2018 Date Sheet For IGNOU BDP(BA) Subjects. Please Note: Here morning timimg refers to 10am to 1pm and afternoon timing refers to 2pm to 5pm. This Date Sheet can be changed, so you are advised to only use this date sheet as a pre-exam information and refer your Hall Ticket for final date sheet. IGNOU Foundation Course Exams Date SheetCodeCourse NameDateDayTimingFST-01Foundation Cource Science & TechnologyMonday11-6-2018AfternoonFEG-01Foundation Course In English-1Tuesday12-6-2018AfternoonFHD-02Foundation Course In Hindi-2Tuesday12-6-2018AfternoonBHDF-101/
FHD-01Foundation Course In Hindi-1Friday8-6-2018AfternoonFEG-02Foundation Course In English-2Friday8-6-2018AfternoonBSHF-101Foundation Course In Humanitiesand Social SciencesSaturday9-6-2018Afternoon IGNOU BA English Exams Date SheetCodeCourse NameDateDayTimingEEG-01
/BEGE-101Elective Course InEnglishFriday1-6-2018MorningEEG-02
/BEGE-101The structure ofModern EnglishSaturday2-6-2018MorningEEG-03

IGNOU BCA Datesheet For June 2018 Term End Exams (For All Semesters) [UPDATED]

Below are the datesheets for IGNOU BCA June 2018 Term End Exams for all semesters. It is also available on the official IGNOU site. This datesheet should only be used as pre-exam information. Datesheet can be changed in Hall Ticket. You should only use your hall-ticket as final datesheet during your exams. IGNOU BCA 1st Semester For Datesheet June 2018 ExamsCodeCourse NameDate
BCS-012Basic Mathematics
01-06-2018FridayAfternoonBCS-011Computer Basics
Foundation Course In English
08-06-2018FridayAfternoonECO-01Business Organization
13-06-2018WednesdayMorningDatesheet of Lab Exams Will Be Declared At The End Of The Theory Exams. IGNOU BCA 2nd Semester Datesheet For June 2018 ExamsCode
Course Name
C Language
MCS-012Computer Organization
Communication Skills
Discrete Mathematics
Datesheet …

ANC-01 Hindi Medium Solved Assignment 2018 (FREE)

ANC-01 समुदाय के लिए पोषण Solved Assignment Hindi Medium 2017-18 For IGNOU (FREE) Course Name: समुदाय के लिए पोषण  Course Code: ANC-01 Assignment Code: ANC-1/AST-1/TMA-1/2017-18 Medium: Hindi Download Assignment IGNOU BDP Solved Assignments For All Subjects

EHD-04 Hindi Medium Solved Assignment 2018 Session

EHD-04 Solved Assignment Hindi Medium For IGNOU BDP Course Code: EHD-04 Course Name: मध्यकालीन भारतीय साहित्य समाज और संस्कृति Assignment Code: EHD-04/TMA/2017-18 Medium: Hindi Session: 2017-18 Download Assignment Download IGNOU BDP Solved Assignments For All Courses

BSWE-005 Solved Assignment Hindi Medium (2018) IGNOU

BSWE-005 Hindi Medium Solved Assignment For IGNOU 2017-18 Session Course Code: BSWE-005 Couse Name: एच. आई. वी./एड्स का परिचय  Medium: Hindi Program: समाज कार्य में स्नातक उपाधि  स्त्रीय कार्य: 2017-18 Download Assignment

EHD-02/BHDE-102 Solved Assignment For IGNOU BDP (BA)

EHD-02 / BHDE-102 Solved Assignment For IGNOU BDP (BA) 2017-18 Session Course Code: EHD-02/BHDE-102 Course Name: हिंदी काव्य  Medium: Hindi Assignment Code: EHD-02/TMA/2017-18 Download Assignment

ECO-05 व्यापारिक सनियम Solved Assignment 2018 Session

ECO-05 Solved Assignment For IGNOU BCOM 2017-18 Session Course Code: ECO-05 Course Name: व्यापारिक सनियम (Mercantile Law) Assignment Code: ECO-05/TMA/2017-18 Medium: Hindi Download Assignment

MHD-2 आधुनिक हिंदी काव्य Solved Assignment 2018 (FREE)

Download MHD-2 Solved Assignment For IGNOU MA (Hindi) For FREE
Program: Master In Arts (Hindi)
Assignment Code: MHD-2/TMA/2017-18
Course Code: MHD-2
Course Name: आधुनिक हिंदी काव्य
Download Assignment

ECO-11 Elements of Income Tax Solved Assignment 2018 (FREE)

ECO-11 Elements of Income Tax
Assesses have been divided into three categories on the basis of residence. How these categories affect the tax liability of an assesses? Explain defining these categories. Explain the provisions of Income – tax Act in connection with taxability of gratuity AN Encashment of earned leave by an employee retiring form an organization. Mr. Raman Prakash is reader in a college, run by a society, on a monthly salary of Rs. 44, 000. Besides salary he also gets 43% of salary as dearness allowance, Rs 800 p.m. entertainment allowance and Rs. 500 p.m. as proctor’s allowance. During the year he gets Rs. 450 p.m. as additional D.A. Arrears of salary receive Rs. 25, 000. He contributes 10% of his salary to Provident Fund. The college contributes an equal amount. Interest credited to his provident fund @ 12% amounted to Rs. 40,000. Three children of Mr. Raman Praksh are studying in an institution run by the society, which runs the college for which he paid no…

Check IGNOU Study Material Dispatch Status For All Courses

You can check your study material dispatch status from below two forms first one is for January 2018 Session Dispatch Status (Those who paid fee in October(2017), November(2017), December(2017) and January(2018)).Second one is for July 2017 Session Dispatch Status(Those who paid fee in May(2017), June(2017), July(2017) and August(2017))

EPA-05 वित्तीय प्रशासन Solved Assignment 2018 (FREE)

Download EPA-05 Solved Assignment For IGNOU BDP (BA) FREE Financial Administration Language- Hindi EPA-05: Financial Administration (वित्तीय प्रशासन ) Assignment Code: EPA-5/AST/TMA/2017-18Download Assignment IGNOU BDP (BA) Date Sheet For June 2018 Term End Exams

EPS-07 अंतराष्ट्रीय संबंध Solved Assignment 2018 (FREE)

EPS-07 Solved Assignment For IGNOU BA (BDP) FREE Course Code: EPS-07 Course Name: अंतराष्ट्रीय संबंध Assignment Code: EPS-07/AST/TMA/2017-18 Medium: English Download Assignment

EPS-09 तुलनात्मक सरकार और राजनीती Solved Assignment 2018

IGNOU BA(BDP) Solved Assignemt (FREE)
EPS-09 Solved Assignment In Hindi Medium For FREE
Course Code: EPS-09
Course Name: तुलनात्मक सरकार और राजनीती
Assignment Code: EPS-09/AST/TMA/2017-18
Medium: Hindi
Download Assignment

ESO-12 भारत में समाज Solved Assignment 2017-18 (FREE)

ESO-12 Hindi Medium भारत में समाज 
Solved Assignment For IGNOU BDP 2017-18 Session (FREE)
Assignment Code: ESO-12/AST/TMA/2017-18
Medium: Hindi
Download Assignment

EPS-08 English Medium Solved Assignment 2018 (FREE)

IGNOU BDP Solved Assignment 2017-18 (FREE)
EPS-08 Government and Politics In Australia
Questions Solved In Assignment:
Describe the demographic features and diversity of population in Australia.Discuss the nature and features of multiculturalism in Australia.Write a short note on Australia-Japan relations.Examine the nature of India and Australia relations in the post-war years.Examine the salient features of the Constitution of Australia.Explain the changing pattern of nationalism in Australia.Human rights situation in Australia.Working of judiciary in Australia.Download Assignment

CHE-02 Inorganic Chemistry Solved Assignment 2018

Assignment Code: CHE-02/TMA/2018
Medium: English
Download Assignment

BRDE-101 भारत में ग्राम विकास Solved Assignment 2018 (FREE)

BRDE-101 भारत में ग्राम विकास Solved Assignment 2017-18 SessionAssignment Code: BRDE-101/AST/2017-18
Medium: HindiDownload Assignment

BSWE-004 Introduction to Family Life Education Solved Assignment 2018

Course Code: BSWE-004 Introduction To Family Life EducationSolved Questions In BSWE-004 Solution Guide:
What is family life education? Discuss the objectives and importance of family life education.Explain the provisions of Special Marriage Act, 1954. Answer any two of the following questions in about 250 words each: a) Explain any four commonly used family planning methods. b) What are some of the common problems associated with the process of ageing? Answer any four of the following questions in about 150 words each: a) Discuss briefly the types of family. b) List the provisions in Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961. d) What is the nature of personality? e) Describe the concept and meaning of youth. Write short notes on any five of the following questions in about 100 words each: a) Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory b) Family life cycle c) Responsible parenthood f) Conception h) Carl Roger’s Self theory Download Assignment

EPA-01 प्रशासनिक सिद्धांत Solved Assignment 2018 (FREE)

IGNOU BDP Solved Assignment 2017-18 (FREE)Course Code: EPA-01 (Hindi Medium)Assignment Code: EPA-01/AST/TMA/2017-18Download Assignment

EPA-03 विकास प्रशासन Solved Assignment 2018 (FREE)

IGNOU BDP Solved Assignment 2017-18 (FREE)Course Code: EPA-03 (Hindi Medium)Assignment Code: EPA-03/AST/TMA/2017-18Download Assignment

MCO-03 Research Methodology and Statistical analysis Solved Assignment 2018

Course Code : MCO – 03 Course Title : Research Methodology and Statistical analysis Assignment Code : MCO - 03 /TMA/201 7 - 1 8(a) How would you apply t - test for independent sample and t - test for dependent samples? Explain with examples.
(b) What is a research re port? What are the important points to be kept in mind, while writing a research report?(a) With the help of relevant scatter diagrams explain positive correlation, negative correlation, and no correlation.
(b) What are the (ranges) numerical values that depict positive correlation, negative correlation and no correlations?Briefly comment on the following: a) Comparison between two things cannot be made unless they are really alike.
b) Point estimate is not a one type of estimate.
c) Research problem would be both abstract and of applied interest.
d) Statistical meaning of bias is error.Write short notes on the following
a) Characteristics of a good report
b) Components of Time Series
c) Utility of chi - square test
d) C…

BECE-214 भारत में कृषि का विकास Solved Assignment 2017-18

IGNOU BDP Solved Assignment 2017-18 Session BECE-214 भारत में कृषि का विकास
Assignment Code: BECE-214/AST/TMA-2017-18Download Assignment

BEGE-108 Reading the Novel Solved Assignment 2018

BEGE-108 Solved Assignment 2017-18 Session(FREE)(Elective Course In English)Reading the NovelWrite short notes on any two: (i)Types of narrative modes (ii)New Areas of Novel Writing (iii)Feminist Approach to The Awakening (iv)The Indian Diasporic Novel in Canada What are the two “worlds” represented in A Tale of Two Cities? What do these opposed world stand for? Comment on the development of the African Novel in English. Examine the various themes in Sunlight on A Broken Column and comment on them. Write an essay on the cultural context of Paraja. Submission Detail: The completed assignment should be sent to the Coordinator of the Study Centre allotted to you by 31st March 2018 (if enrolled in the July 2017 Session) and 30th Sept, 2018 (if enrolled in the January 2018 Session). Download Assignment

EHD-07/BHDE-107 हिंदी संरचना Solved Assignment 2018

IGNOU BDP Assignment Solution 2017-18 (FEE)EHD-07/BHDE-107 हिंदी संरचना Solved Assignment 2017-18Assignment Code: EHD-07/BHDE-107/TMA/2017-18Download Assignment

LSE-01 Cell Biology Solved Assignment 2018 For IGNOU B.Sc

Course Code: LSE-01
Assignment Code: LSE-01/TMA/2018
Course Title: Cell Biology Differentiate between the following: (a)Procaryotes and Eucaryotes. (b)Mitochondria and Chloroplast. (c)Animal and Plant cells. (d)Fluorescence microscopy and phase contrast microscopy. Describe the methods for separating macromolecules on the basis of their size, charge, solubility and molecular affinity. What is medicated permeability? Discuss the types of mediated permeability.Explain the characteristics of enzyme and mechanism of its action.Discuss the electron transfer chain and oxidative phosphorylation. Describe the steps involved in the transfer of amino acids to RNA. Explain the mechanism of intercellular recognition and cell aggregation.What is cell cycle? Explain how cell cycle times are determined. Write short notes on the following: (a)Mesenchyme (b)Type of bonds (c)Proton pump in photosynthesis (d)Cyclic AMP as second messenger Download Assignment

EHI-04 India From 16th To Mid 18th Century Solved Assignment 2017-18

EHI-04: India From 16th To Mid 18th Century Assignment Code: EHI-04/AST/TMA/2017-18 Questions Solved In Assignment:How was the Portuguese trade in India financed? Trace the evolution of Mughal school of painting under Akbar. Discuss the political formations in south India in the 16th century. Discuss the administrative structure of the Marathas. Write a note on the growth of mansab system under Akbar.Discuss various categories of land rights in the Deccan and south India in the 16th-17th centuries.Write short notes on the following:
(ii) Bijapur Kingdom
(iv) Bengali language and literature in the 16-17th centuries.Download Assignment

ESO-16 Social Problems in India Solved Assignment 2017-18

Elective Course in Sociology (ESO-16) (Social Problems in India) Course Code: ESO-16 Assignment Code: ESO-16/AST/TMA/2017-2018 Questions Solved In Assignment:Discuss the situation of girl child in India. Examine the problems of urbanization with special reference to India. Explain the concept of family planning and family welfare in India. Discuss the consequences of the problems of ‘educated unemployment’. Examine the nature of domestic violence against women in the form of ‘dowry deaths’ in India. Discuss the causes and patterns of violence and terrorism. What do you understand by ‘juvenile delinquency’? Explain the concept of “culture of poverty”.Download Assignment

ESO-15 Society and Religion Solved Assignment For IGNOU BDP 2017-18

Course Code: ESO-15 Society and Religion Assignment Code: ESO-15/AST/TMA/2017-2018 Questions Solved In Assignment:Explain the intellectualist theories of religion.What is secularism? Discuss its various elements.Compare and contrast between Bhakti and Sufism.Discuss the social significance of pilgrimages. Explain the concept of Protestantism in the light of economic development. Examine the nexus between religion and politics of the state. Discuss the functions of shaman.Define civil religion.Download Assignment

MEG-04 Aspects of Language Solved Assignment 2017-18 Session

Programme: MEG
Assignment Code: MEG-04/TMA/2017-18
1. Write short notes on any two of the following:
  i Theories of the Origin of Language.
  ii The Great Vowel Shift.
  iii Criteria for classification of consonants.
2. The difference between simple, complex and compound words.
Write in detail, giving examples whenever appropriate, on stress and rhythm of connected speech in English.
3. Describe  some  of  the  minor  processes  of  word  formation  in  English  and  theircontribution to the enrichment of the English word-store.
4. What is a standard language? Discuss in detail the process of language standardization. 20
5. Analyse the following extract of a poem by Tennyson using the tools given to you in Block 9 of your Course.
Ring out, wild bells Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky,
The flying cloud, the frosty light:
The year is dying in the night;
Ring out, wild bells, and let him die.

Ring …

Exam Fee Submission Started at IGNOU How to Submit and Last Date

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) on its official website, has announced that the online examination form submission has begun for Term End Exam (TEE). Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) on its official website, has announced that the online examination form submission has begun for Term End Exam (TEE). The exam is scheduled to be held in June 2018. The students who have enrolled for various programmes at the open university can submit the TEE form till 30 April without late fees. While candidates can submit the form from May 1 to May 10, 2018 with a late fee of Rs 1000. The varsity has issued some guidelines and instructions for submission of online examination form on it official website.As per the notification on the website: ‘Students are advised to ensure that their registration is valid and they are eligible for the course(s) for which they are submitting examination form for Term End Examination June 2018 as per IGNOU prospectus …

ECO-12 Elements of Auditing Solved Assignment 2017-18 For IGNOU BCOM

IGNOU BCOM Solved Assignment for 2018ECO – 12 Solved Assignment (FREE) Course Title : Elements of Auditing Assignment Code : ECO – 12 /TMA/2017-18 Coverage : All Blocks Maximum Marks: 100Questions Solved In PDF Solution File:“In vouching payments, the auditor does not merely seek proof that money has been paid always”. Discuss and explain the general conditions to be born in mind by the auditor while vouching cash transactions.Distinguish between any two of the following: (a) Audit Programme and Audit Note Book (b) Internal Audit and Statutory Audit (c) Company Audit and Partnerhsip AuditExplain the procedure of Appointment and Removal of an Auditor in a Company.How will you examine the following items while auditing the accounts of a limited company? (i) Redemption of Preference Share (ii) Forfeiture of Shares(a) What is meant by Clean and Qualified report? Explain the circumstances under which a qualified report may be necessary. (b) Discuss the major areas of examination involved i…

Jio Users: Dial 1299 from your Jio number and get 10GB free data

Reliance Jio is known for its freebies and cheap tariff plans. To celebrate the festival of Holi, it looks like the service provider has come up with an offer. Going by the tweets posted by several Jio subscribers, the telco is offering free 10GB of data for select customers. This 10GB of data is said to be valid until March 29, 2018. As mentioned earlier, many Jio subscribers have taken to Twitter to post that the free add-on will give 10GB of data for free. It is said that users need to give a call to the toll-free number 1299 to receive the 10GB data add-on pack.  Where to check?The data balance can be checked from the MyJio app. Open the MyJio app on your smartphone and go to the My Plans section from the menu. Over here, you can see the 10GB data add-on. Once you start using the free data, you can see the balance from the MyJio app itself. Existing Add-onUsually, Jio offers Rs. 101 data add-on pack that gives 6GB 4G data and this has to be purchased separately in addition to the exi…

ESO-12 Society in India Solved Assignment For IGNOU BDP 2017-18 Session

IGNOU BDP (BA) Solved Assignment for 2018 (FREE) ESO-12 Elective Course in Sociology-12(Society in India) Download ESO-12 English Medium Solved Assignment In PDF Absolutely Free of cost. Assignment Code: ESO-12/AST/TMA/2017-2018Download Now IGNOU BDP Solved Assignmets For All Semesters