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Steins;Gate Episode 5 English Dub (Anime) Download or Watch Online

Episode 5/25
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Steins Gate Episode 5 : "Starmine Rendezvous" "Denka Shōtotsu no Randevū" (電荷衝突のランデヴー)


Arriving back at the lab with Rintaro, Kurisu is met with a strange reaction from Suzuha. While the gang gathering parts needed to connect the IBN 5100 with Daru's PC, Suzuha warns Rintaro to be cautious of Kurisu. Using the IBN 5100 to decipher SERN's encrypted files, Rintaro, Daru, and Kurisu learn that various people have been found dead in a gel-like state in various points in time as a result of their experiments. Kurisu deduces that the gelatinous state is the result of matter being squeezed at a molecular level whilst passing through the micro black hole. Despite the shock of this news, Rintaro vows to perfect the PhoneWave


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