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Monday, 25 August 2014


This Vodafone Trick works in all states and even other countries like USA ,UK etc. This is the latest available Vodafone 3G trick to download and surf for free.

This Vodafone free internet trick needs the modded VPN which has been specially customised for Vodafone and the latest Vodafone super mega configuration file that is perfectly compatible with this Vodafone modded VPN. It works on mobile as well as PC. It is especially made for android mobiles. So, it gives amazing download speeds on android mobile when you are on Vodafone 3G network.

For Android mobile users :-

This vodafone 3G trick works best in android mobiles. It works in all android mobiles. Just follow the simple steps and you will be getting free 3G downloading and surfing with lightning speeds in no time.

*. Download modded Vodafone NMD VPN for android application from here.

*. Download the latest Vodafone mega configuration file from here.
Note that the older versions of configuration may not work.

*. Now, install the modded apk file by opening it. Allow unknown apps installation in settings.

*. Extract the configuration file using a file extractor like Winzip. The file has an extension of .ovpn. Remember the folder where configuration file is saved.

*. Now, open the modded NMD app and in settings, select the configuration file.

*.Thats it !! Now, restart your mobile.

Now, you can enjoy unlimited 3G surfing and downloading on vodafone 3G for free on your android mobile. You can also use this free Vodafone 3G trick to download torrents on your android mobile.

For PC users :-

This trick also works on PC and laptops. When you use 3G on laptop, it consumes lot of data resulting in increased internet bills. You can use this Vodafone unlimited internet trick to use free 3G internet on your PC and laptop too.

Just follow the below steps and get going :-

*. Download Vodafone modded VPN for windows PC and laptop from here.

*.Download the latest vodafone configuration file from here or the link above.

*.Now, extract and save the configuration settings in a folder.

*.Run NMD VPN. Windows 8 users need to provide administrator privileges to fully use this Vodafone NMD VPN for PC.

*.Go to Settings and click on Configuration settings. Now, select the configuration file in the pop up box.

*.You are set to enjoy free 3G on vodafone.

Note:- This trick works only when your balance is more than 0 (Zero). You can keep balance below Rs 1 but not zero. To avoid sim blocking, do not download huge files in a single go. For large file downloading, turn off the data pack after every 200 MB downloading and then connect and resume the downloading again.

As I always suggest, you should keep a separate sim with low balance for using free internet tricks. You never know when the companies find out and block these tricks and cuts your balance.

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