MCSL-016 Solved Assignment IGNOU BCA MCA 2018-2019


MCSL-016 Solved Assignment 2018-19 For IGNOU BCA 4th Semester and MCA 1st Semester. This solution is valid for July 2018 Session and January 2019 Session students. You can download the assignment question paper from or directly by clicking below link:
MCSL-016 Assignment For BCA Fourth Semester
MCSL-016 Assignment For MCA First Semester
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Course Code : MCSL-016
Course Title : Internet Concepts and Web Design (Lab Course)
Assignment Number : BCA(4)/016/Assignment/2018-19
Maximum Marks : 100
Weightage : 25%
Last Dates for Submission : 15th October, 2018 (For July, 2018 Session)
15st April, 2019 (For January, 2019 Session)

There are two questions in this assignment carrying a total of 80 marks. Rest 20 marks are for viva voice. You may use illustrations and diagrams to enhance the explanations. Please go through the guidelines regarding assignments given in the Program Guide for the format of presentation. Submit the screenshots along with the coding and documentation.

Question 1:
A company produces mobiles and sells them online. The mobiles are in various price ranges depending on it features. The mobiles are identified by a unique mobile ID and its Model number. The company also displays details like year of launch of a model and price of a mobile model. Buyers can register themselves on company website and buy different products online. Create four web pages for the web site for this mobile company having the following features:

For the sake of consistency every page of the website should consists of four basic divisions –
Header – This division should be of fixed size and should display mobile company name and logo. This division should be in different background colour.
Footer – This division contains the name of maintenance agency of the website and copyright information, if any.
Content – The pages that you are designing should differ in this Division only. The four different Pages that you need to design are – Home, Mobile Model List, Detailed Specification of a mobile (just make one such page for one mobile model only) and Feedback.
Menu – This division should be towards the left in every web page and should contain links to all the four web pages viz. Home, Mobile List Detailed specification, and Feedback.

The Content division of the different pages should be as under:

  • Home page should include Welcome message, Year of establishment of company and provide details of the three most popular models.
  • Mobile Model List page should show the list of various Mobile Models, its processor, its memory, year of launch, price and comments. You must make this list using Table tags.
  • Detailed Specification page displays screen size, resolution of camera, warranty etc. This page should be linked to Model number in the Mobile Model List page of to which these detailed specifications are given.
  • Feedback page should contain a form which should have fields – name of the prospective buyer, Model number of the model interested in, contact email id and feedback on the model, if any. You must use JavaScript to check that all the fields are filled by the person giving the feedback and model number is one of the models in the Mobile List.

Question 2:
List any two web development technologies that are used for creating dynamic web pages. List five important features of these technologies.

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