MCS-011 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT FOR IGNOU BCA AND MCA (Problem Solving and Programming)


Course Code                        : MCS-011
Course Title                        
: Problem Solving and Programming
Assignment Number          
: BCA(2)/011/Assignment/17-18
Last Dates for Submission : 15th October, 2017 (For July 2017 Session)
                                                15th April, 2018 (For January 2018 Session)

Que.1. Draw a flow chart and write its corresponding C program to convert an octal number to its equivalent decimal number.
Que.2. Write an algorithm and its corresponding C program to illustrate an ATM money withdrawl operation from user’s savings’ account. Note: Assumptions can be made wherever necessary.
Que.3. Write a program to find the largest element in an array using Recursion.
Que.4. Write a C program to separate even and odd numbers of an array and put them in two arrays.
Que.5. Write a C program to determine a given matrix is a sparse matrix.
Que.6. Write an interactive C program to calculate the sum of array elements using pointer.
Que.7. Write an interactive C program to append the contents of a file at the end of another file without using any built-in functions.
Que.8. Write an interactive C program to create a file containing student’s records and also give a provision to update/modify the records too.

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