IGNOU MA Political Science Date Sheet for December 2021 Term End Exams (January 2022 Exams)


This date sheet is for MA Political Science (MPS) Subjects December 2021 Term End Exams (TEE) scheduled to be held in January-February 2022. Date sheet is already sorted date wise for your convenience.

Course CodeCourse TitleExam DateTiming
MPS-001Political Theory20-Jan-2022 (Thu)Morning
MPS-002International Relations: Theory and Problems21-Jan-2022 (Fri)Morning
MPS-003India: Democracy and Development22-Jan-2022 (Sat)Morning
MPS-004Comparative Politics: Issues and Trends24-Jan-2022 (Mon)Morning
MPSE-001India & the World25-Jan-2022 (Tue)Morning
MPSE-002State and Society in Latin America27-Jan-2022 (Thu)Morning
MPSE-003Western Political Thought (Plato to Marx)28-Jan-2022 (Fri) Morning
MPSE-004Social and Political Thought in Modern India29-Jan-2022 (Sat) Morning
MPSE-005State and Society in Africa31-Jan-2022 (Mon) Morning
MGP-005Introduction to Peace and Conflict31-Jan-2022 (Mon) Morning
MPSE-006Peace and Conflict Studies01-Feb-2022 (Tue) Morning
MPSE-007Social Movements and Politics in India02-Feb-2022 (Wed)Morning
MPSE-008State Politics in India03-Feb-2022 (Thu)Morning
MPSE-009Canada: Politics and Society04-Feb-2022 (Fri)Morning
MPSE-011The European Vision in World Affairs05-Feb-2022 (Sat)Morning
MGPE-010Conflict Management, Transformation and Peace Building15-Feb-2022 (Tue) Morning
MPSE-012State and Society in Australia07-Feb-2022 (Mon)Morning
MPSE-013Australia’s Foreign Policy08-Feb-2022 (Tue)Morning
MED-002Sustainable Development: Issues and Challenges09-Feb-2022 (Wed)Morning
MED-008Globalisation, Environment and Development10-Feb-2022 (Thu)Morning
MGP-004Gandhi’s Political Thought11-Feb-2022 (Fri)Morning
MGPE-007Non-Violence Movements after Gandhi12-Feb-2022 (Sat)Morning
MGPE-008Gandhian Approach to Peace and Conflict Resolution14-Feb-2022 (Mon)Morning
MGPE-011Human Security16-Feb-2022 (Wed) Morning
MGPE-013Civil Society, Political Regimes and Conflict17-Feb-2022 (Thu) Morning

Morning Timing : 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Evening Timing : 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Important Notes:

  1. It is requested to please check the date and session of the course(s) for which you want to appear in December, 2021 examinations to be conducted in August.
  2. Duration of each exam will be mentioned on the question paper.

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