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Course Code: MCS-023
Course Title: Introduction to Database Management Systems
Assignment Number: BCA (3)/023/Assignment/17-18
Last Date of Submission: 15th Oct, 2017 (for Jul-2017 batch)
                                             : 15th April, 2018(for Jan-2018 batch)
Questions Solved in Assignment:
1. List and describe briefly all the possible applications of a database
management system for any IGNOU’s Study Centre.
2. Identify all the associated entities for a Study Centre Management System,
their corresponding attributes, relationships and cardinality and design an
Entity-Relationship (ER) diagram for it.
3. Consider the E-R diagram of Question 2 and design the relational schema
and the tables. Perform and show the Normalization till the required normal
form. Implement the database using MS-Access and submit the screenshots
along with your assignment response for this question.
4. Consider a “Project Management System” that maintains the database using
the following tables:
Project (p_id, p_title, start_date, duration, end_date, c_id, cost)
Client (c_id, c_name, c_address, c_phone)
Employee (e_id, e_name, e_address, e_phone)
ProjectLeader (p_id,e_id)
Please note that an employee may be working on more than one project in
the organization at a time. Write and run the following SQL queries on the
(a) Find the c_id and c_name of the clients who have given maximum
number of projects to the company.
(b) Find the list of all the p_id’s, their project details and project leaders of
all the projects.
(c) Find the p_id’s whose title starts with “a” or “A”.
(d) Find the projects which will be completed by this month-end.
(e) Find all the clients who have not given any project. Also find the person
who is not working on any project at all.
Note: Make suitable assumptions, if any.
5. (a) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of hierarchical database
management system in comparison with RDBMS. Discuss types of
applications suitable for hierarchical DBMS and RDBMS.
(b) Define the two principal integrity rules for the relational model.
Discuss why it is desirable to enforce these rules.



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