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Computer Basics and PC Software
Last date of Submission: 15th October, 2017 (For July 2017 Session)
                                           : 15th April, 2018 (For January 2018 Session)

Questions Solved in Assignment
1. (Covers Block 1)
a) A computer program consists of instructions and data on which the
instruction operates. How are the instructions of a program executed
by a computer? Where are the instructions and data stored during
execution? What is the role played by Input/output devices?

b) Computer systems always have small RAM, yet it mostly has a large
secondary memory like hard disk? Why? The access time of a hard
disk is much larger than RAM, even than RAM is smaller in size than
hard disk. Justify.

c) Convert the following numbers as directed
(i) Decimal 119.0625 into binary and hexadecimal
(ii) Decimal 25600 into binary and hexadecimal
(iii) String “MATHS marks 50” to ASCII and Unicode string
(iv) Hexadecimal 9A8C7E to decimal and binary

d) How can you calculate the capacity of a Winchester disk given its
density and speed? A disk has 10 recording surfaces. Each surface has
2000 tracks, each track has 512 sectors and each sector can store 1MB
of data. Calculate the capacity of this disk.

e) Compare and contrast the following technologies
(i) Parallel port versus Serial port
(ii) Light Pen versus Touch Screen
(iii) LED Monitors versus Projection Displays
(iv) Laser printers versus Dot matrix printers

f) Explain the characteristics/functions of the following I/O devices:

(i) Microphone
(ii) Graphics Tablet
(iii) MICR
(iv) Bar Code Reader

g) Explain the uses of following Software:

(i) Accounting Software
(ii) Anti-virus software
(iii) Disk Checkers
(iv) Spreadsheet software

2. (Covers Block 2)
a) What is client/server architecture? What are its advantages and
disadvantages? Is cloud computing also a client/server architecture?
Justify your answer.

b) Explain the features and uses of the following computer software:
(i) Compiler
(ii) Linkers
(iii) File viewer
(iv) Presentation software

c) What is the kernel of an operating system of a Computer? Explain the
terms multiuser, multiprogramming and multitasking in the context of
operating system.

d) Differentiate between the following
(i) Command line interface versus GUI
(ii) File Management system versus Input/Output control system in
the context of an Operating system
(iii) A process versus a program
(iv) Unix versus MS-DOS

e) Draw a flow chart and write an algorithm for a program that multiplies
first n odd numbers starting from 1. The value of n may be given as
input to the program. (You must use looping).

f) Define the following terms in the context of programming with the
help of an example:

(i) Expressions
(ii) Two dimensional Arrays
(iii) Arithmetic operators
(iv) Conditional statement

g) Explain the following with the help of an example/diagram, if needed:
(i) Open Source development model
(ii) Scheduling in the context of project management software
(iii) Mailmerge in MS-Word
(iv) Creating tables using a DBMS.

3. (Covers Block 3)
(a) Explain the following terms in the context of computer networks:
(i) Packet switching
(ii) Half Duplex transmission
(iii) Need of computer networks
(iv) Channel of data transmission.

(b) A Multinational company has its sales offices in 100 different
countries of the World. It uses a computer network to collect worldwise
sale and order data at its head office. What kind of network the
company should make for its sales offices and head office? Justify
your answer.

(c) What is TCP/IP? What is an IP address? Explain various components
of IP address with the help of an example.

(d) What is a browser? How does a browser work? How does it
communicate with the web server? Explain with the help of an

(e) How can you enhance your search results from Internet? Explain with
the help of examples. List four applications of the Internet.

(f) Explain the following in the context of Internet and its applications,
giving their features and uses:

(i) E-mail
(ii) Moodle



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