MEG-02 British Drama Solved Assignment 2017-18




1.Explain the following passages with reference to their contexts and supply brief critical  
comments where necessary :
a.When I behold the heavens, then I repent,
And curse thee, wicked Mephistophilis,
Because thou hast depriv‟d me of those joys,

b.I swear to thee by Cupid‟s strongest bow,
By his arrow with the golden head,
By the simplicity of Venus‟ doves,
By thatwhich knitteth souls and prospers loves,
And by that fire which burn‟d the Carthage queen
When the false Trojan under sail was seen;
Question 1b is not solved in this assignment
c.Come on, Sir. Now you set foot on shore In novo orbe; here‟s the rich pern; And there within, Sir, are the golden mines great Solomon‟s ophir!

d.I hit a blow on the ridge of his skull, laid him stretched out, and he split to the knob of his gullet.

e.And I treat a duchess as if she was a flower girl.

2.  How does “wisdom emerge out of the folly and mockery‟ in A Midsummer Night’s  Dream?

3.  Attempt a critique of Hamlet‟s soliloquies in Shakespeare‟s play of that name.

4. Brief by outline the historical background of Murder in the Cathedral.

5. Do you agree with Allardyce Nicoll that Look Back in Anger has the theme of a gently
nurtured girl who is strangely magnetised by a lower class intellectual, Support your answer with suitable examples from the text of the play.

6. What changes have Pozzo and Lucky undergone during the course of Waiting for Godota?


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