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Steins;Gate Episode 4 English Dub (Anime) Download or Watch Online

Episode 4/25
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Steins Gate Episode 4 : "Interpreter Rendezvous" "Kūri Hōkō no Randevū" (空理彷徨のランデヴー)


With further information about SERN's time travel experiments encrypted in a code that Daru can't decipher, Rintaro learns from Titor that he needs the IBN 5100 computer Moeka was looking for in order to decode it. While out doing his laundry, Rintaro runs into Kurisu, who is still in denial about a time machine existing and tells her about the IBN 5100. As Kurisu hears from a contact about the computer's capabilities, maid café owner Faris Nyannyan informs Rintaro that her family had donated an IBN 5100 to Luka's family shrine. Managing to borrow the IBN 5100 from Luka's father, Rintaro and Kurisu carry it back to the lab.


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