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IGNOU MCA 5th Semester Solved Assignment

MCS-051 Advanced Internet Technologies


  1. Write a Message Driven Bean (MDB) for a new agency that has to capture the data from various news sources. The newly written MDB should accept the XML format for the news. The XML data needs to be parsed and stored in the database. The news format is as follows:
    < news-id >< /news-id >
    < source > < /source >
    < data > < /data >
    < type_ of _ news > < /type_ of _ news >
    < priority > < /priority >
    < news_ Content. > < /news_ Content.. >
  2. Write and run Servlet code to fetch and display all the fields of a student table stored in an Oracle database with attributes: (students id, student-name, student - address, program, semester )
  3. Write an application to create a XML document from an employee database stored in an Oracle database. The XML document should contain the following fields:

    (employee-id, employee-name, employee-address, employee-email, employee-sex, age and the last twelve month salary summary).

  4. Suppose there is a table named as product in Oracle database with attributes as : product id, product name, product quality, product price, model and its description . Write JAVA program to insert, delete and display records of the table using JDBC.
  5. Describe with suitable program segment how to include file and applets in a JSP page.
  6. Write a web based student registration application where the students can register on-line with their enrollment numbers. The registered students should be able to login on after getting registered. You are required to use JSP, Servelet and JDBC.
  7. Explain the difference between Session and Cookie.
  8. What are the different components to be used while writing SSL client application ? Discuss. Write sample codes for SSL client and SSL Client Servelet and explain it.
  9. Write a template code for implementation of EJB client. What are the restriction on what EJB can do ?
  10. What are the important features of entity beans. Distinguish between Bean managed and Container managed persistence for Entity Beans. Write the methods required for entity beans.
  11. What are different recovery procedures in security implementation? Discuss


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