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IGNOU BCA 5th SEMESTER BCS-053 Solved Assignment 2017-18

BCS-053 Web Programming

1. (a) What is Web 2.0? Explain differences of Web 2.0 with Web 1.0 by
taking the example of a University website. Also explain the term web
services in the context of web 2.0.

(b) Create a simple examination form consisting of the following
information – Enrolment Number of the student (to be validated), Name
of the student, programme code (from a drop down list), date of birth of
the student, email ID (it should be validated), list of courses for whom
student wants to appear for the examination, and a SUBMITFORM
button. You must create a CSS file for this form. This CSS file should
format font, font size, font colour and background colour of the Form.

(c) Create a simple web page using HTML5 consisting of two paragraphs
about your education and work experience respectively. Both the
paragraphs should be created in different divisions and must use tables.
You must also create an external CSS file which ensures the following:
(i) The table in first paragraph should have proper borders and every
row of table should have different fill colour. The background of
this paragraph should be light blue.
(ii) The second paragraph table should NOT have any border, but
every cell of the table should have different fill colour.
(iii) Each table must have a proper heading. The format of the heading
should be same in both the tables.
Demonstrate how change in CSS can change the display.

(d) An e-commerce website maintains the addresses of its customers using
XML. Every customer is asked two different addresses – Present
address and Address for delivery of specified product. Every customer
is identified by a unique Customer ID. Both the addresses include
optional fields including house number, apartment, Street number,
locality, town etc. and compulsory fields like City, State, and Pin code.
Create an XML documents containing information of five customers.
Also create the DTD for the XML document.

(e) Write a JavaScript code that shows time on the screen in the following
format. The program updates the time on completion of every 5
For example, if the current time is 10:45 a.m. the on screen time will be
shown as:
“The Time is 10 hours 45 minutes (a.m.)”.
Make suitable assumptions, if any.
(f) Explain the concept of events in the context of WML with the help of
an example.

(Covers Block 2)
2. (a) What is the need of server side scripting? Explain with the help of an
example. List any two tools that may be used for server side scripting.
What is meant by HTTP methods? Explain the use of GET and POST
methods with the help of an example each. Which of these methods is
considered safe? Give reason in support of your answer.

(b) Explain the following in the context of JSP with the help of an example.
(i) JSP life cycle
(ii) include and taglib directives
(iii) Declarations, expression in scripting elements
(v) Implicit Objects

(c) Explain the concepts of error handling and cookies in the context of JSP
with the help of examples. Create a simple form which takes two input
– enrolment number and programme code of a student. Write JSP
code/Servlet which verifies this information from a database and display
suitable error message if the information does not match.

(d) A University stores attendance information of its student in a database
for various subjects. The table storing this information includes fields
for enrolment number, subject code, number of days student was
present, total number of days for which classes were held for that
subject. Write a program using JSP which creates subject wise list of
students who have less than 70% attendance. Make and state suitable
assumptions, if any.



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