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Shizune informs Sakura that Sarada has gone to meet Sasuke with Naruto after seeing that picture of team "Taka". But, Sakura was worried that Sarada might end up getting into conflicts if she is near Sasuke. At the tower, Sasuke pierced his sword into a pillar behind Sarada, and tries to grab her but recognizes her after she calls him dad. Then, Naruto comes with Chocho and Sasuke angrily asks him his reason for bringing kids with himself, but Sarada tells him that she purposely follows Naruto to meet him because she wants to know if Sakura is her real mother or not. Meanwhile, Shizune gets to know from Sakura that Sarada has awakened her Sharingan a long time ago. Sakura tells her that she doesn't want Sarada to find out her father was an enemy of Konoha in the past. Sarada complaints Sasuke that he's never been around, and Sakura never told her anything. She asks him about the woman in the picture and his reason for not living with his family but he just says that she has nothing to do it. After hearing his answer she cries out and goes from there, and Naruto goes to comfort her. Later, a mysterious person talks to Shin about his plan to revive "Akatsuki" and prepares to attack them along with several persons who look like Shin. That person attacks Naruto with some blades but he stops them using Kurama's chakra. Then, Sasuke comes to fight him and tries to defeat him using Fire style but he protects himself by using Shin as shield. He introduces himself as Shin Uchiha and tells them about his plan to revive Akatsuki using Sasuke's Sharingan. Sasuke asks Naruto to protect Sarada and decides to fight him alone. As he was going to attack him, his sword suddenly Pierce into Naruto and Shin tells them that it happened because of his Doujutsu, and Sasuke realizes that he marked his sword in their fight earlier. Because of Naruto's injury Kurama's chakra fades and Shin attacks Sarada with his blades but Sasuke comes in their way to protect her. He then stops their movements using the weapons. He decides to take Sasuke's Sharingan but Sakura appears suddenly and defeats him with her signature move. Sarada is surprised to see that all of them are still very fine, and Naruto's injury has already starts healing. Sakura hugs her and apologizes Sasuke for not explaining things to her. Naruto grabs both of Shin and drags them to himself, and as they are about to get near Naruto, a mysterious creature of Shin teleports him and Sarada to his place but Sakura pushes her.

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About Video
Series Name: Boruto : Naruto Next Generations
Episode Name: "Sasuke and Sarada"
"Sasuke to Sarada" (サスケとサラタ)
Episode Number: 21
Director: Noriyuki Abe, Hiroyuki Yamashita
Main Character: Boruto Uzumaki
Date of Broadcast:
Season Number: 1


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