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BCS-055 Solved Assignment 2017-18 For IGNOU BCA 5th Semester

Course Code: BCS-041
 Course Title: Business Communication
Assignment Number: BCA (5)/055/Assignment/17-18
Last Dates for Submission: 15th October, 2017 (For July 2017 Session)
                                               : 15th April, 2018 (For January 2018 Session)
Questions Solved In Assignment:
1. Read the guidelines given for responding to an advertisement:
Thousands of employers use classified ads as a means to advertise vacancies and even more people respond to these ads, but only a few applicants ever get a positive response. You may think, so why bother with these ads? If you consider the competition for one job, it may seem a futile operation, but there are a few secrets for responding to job ads and if you make use of these tips, your chances of landing the job increases tremendously.
Benefits of responding to job ads The job ads are the ideal place to find a comprehensive directory of businesses that are looking for employees. There is normally a bit of information about the company and the best of all - you get an idea of what the companies are looking for, what they expect, and in some cases, what they are willing to pay.
How to use the classified ads It is better not to look for entry level jobs since these types of ads will be in the minority, rather scan the ads to find who is hiring and where possible, to find the names of the recruitment officers.
Step 1: Select the advertising vehicle Subscribe or purchase newspapers that run job ads for the area where you would like to locate a job as well as any national papers or magazines that focus on your particular job industry. Make a list of Internet sites that run classified job ads and browse them regularly as well.
Step 2: The scanning process If you are a beginner, mark the entry level jobs and respond to them first. You should be prepared to be at the Company first thing in the morning. You secondly, must also mark entry level openings in other job fields. They may not directly apply to you, but it indicates that the enterprise is willing to employ at the entry level.
Thirdly, scan the ads that indicate that experience and higher qualifications are needed. Even though you won’t get the advertised job, you get valuable information such as who the manager is, the name of the recruitment officer, and the types of job responsibilities that you can expect.
Step 3 Make a list Before you start responding to job ads, you need to make a list of all the relevant hiring Companies and the positions advertised.
1a What kind of information does one get from these classified advertisements?
1b Where would you find classified advertisements? List them. (2 Marks)
1c Why do we call a newspaper an advertising vehicle? (2 Marks)
1d Why must one scan jobs that require ‘experience’ and ‘higher qualifications’?
1e Describe the steps that are necessary when responding to a job. Why?
1f Pick out the words from the passage which mean the opposite of the following words:
negative - para 1, majority - para 3, slightly - para 1, veteran - para 5, limited - para 2
1g Make sentences with the following words/phrases from the passage: respond, subscribe, valuable information
2. (a) Write a letter to a friend about your new job. Talk about the type of work that you do and the experience that you derive from it. Also talk about your colleagues. Write in about 150 words.
(b) Write a letter complaining about the in-efficient bus service which you use every day to get to work. Explain the inconveniences that you and others have to put up with and suggest ways to improving the services.
3. (a) Fill in the blanks with a/ an, the or no article:
The larger ………. meeting, the more difficult it becomes to reach at ………..decision. ………..ideal size of ………..meeting depends on ………. purpose of ………..meeting. If ………. meeting has been called to give ………. information to the members, views of the participants do not matter. But if ………. meeting has been called to take ………. decision on any topic, it is advisable to call just few individuals for it.
(b) Make negatives of the following sentences using not:
i Vinay opened the door.
ii You should reply to her letter. iii She is writing a novel these days. iv He works every Sunday. v Subhash became a dentist. (c) Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with an appropriate phrasal verbs from those given below (there are two extra phrasal verbs). Make changes in the form of the verb, where necessary.
go off, go with, break into, run into, run down, look after, go for
i The colour of the curtain ……….. the colour of the wall. ii The fireworks ……….. in a cascade of colour. iii The thief ……….. the house last night. iv I ……….. an old friend at the library. v She ……….. her elderly parents very tenderly.
4. Write short notes on the following:
i Small talk in business communication ii Preparing for an interview iii The importance of understanding different cultures iv Difference styles of communication
5. Your company is about to begin planning a major renovation and remodeling of one of its buildings. You believe this would be an ideal opportunity to investigate solar heating applications and see if they will save money. Do the necessary research and then write a proposal that recommends that the company investigate using solar energy in its remodeling plans.



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