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The 5 Most Basic Methods to Start Learning Hacking...

The 5 Most Basic Methods to Start Learning Hacking:-
1. Learn TCP/IP, HTTP and HTTP Proxies.
2. Learn HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Python and C++
3. Learn Web Application Arch. & OWASP Top 10 Vul.
4. Learn Common Attacks, Flaws, Bugs and Exploits.
5. Work with Linux, & Try to Understand How System Works.

That's it - This is basic methods to start learning hacking - By :- (Gautam Kumawat) Share this with your friends, and Share little Knowledge - And feel free to ask anything - i'm here Always. Remember Everything is Available on Internet, Just you need to hunt deeply - Make Google your best friend.. And never ask any hacker to teach you hacking ... There is no one in this world who would truly share his all skills, If you've ability, Skills and Mind - Then do it by yourself . Thank!ng Y0u.
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Windows Phone users consuming more data due to Twitter glitch in People hub...

If you're a Windows Phone user and your data usage has alarmingly increased during the last few days, it's likely that the cause is a Twitter-related feature.
Windows Phone devices are re-downloading profile images for Twitter contacts frequently, according to a reportby The Verge. Microsoft has acknowledged the problem is caused due to a Twitter back-end change where the social network is migrating profile pictures from one server to another.
The report iterates that on one of the Windows Phone devices it was using, it found the People hub, the section that essentially contains the phone's built-in Twitter client, used more than 300MB of mobile data and more than 3GB of Wi-Fi data in less than a week. The high data consumption takes place even if the user doesn't use the People hub section of Windows Phone, though the amount of data consumed will depend on the number of Twitter contacts users have, in the People hub, the report notes.
The issue would greatly affect m…

Lets Check It Out...

-Go to Youtube
-Search "Runescape Hacker" or "Runescape Hacker Download Link"
-Find the Download Link (They are usually in the comments Section.)
-Download the Runescape Hacker Tool.
-Don't open the Runescape Hacker Tool, It may be Backd00red Instead place it in a Separate Area.
-Download HexWorshop. Google it and you will Find the Link.
-Install HexWorkshop.
-Now go to the downloaded RunescapeHackerPhile and Right Click on it !
-Now You Will see something like "Edit this with HexWorkshop" Click It !
-Now you will see the HexWorkshop Screenie. Do Nothing, You will Feel confused for the First time But Believe it's Easy.
-Just go to the Edit on the Top and Find a Button "Find"
-When you get 'Find", Click on it !
-Now Before start Finding Anything Make sure you change the "Hex" to "String" value.
-Now Enter "Gmail" to the Box and Hit "Find".
-You will Get Popping Up a Black area. Don't to…

HTC One Max with 5.9-inch full-HD display, fingerprint scanner launched...

HTC's much-anticipated One Maxphablet is now official, even ahead of the event scheduled for October 16 in Hong Kong. The device is expected to be available some time from the middle or end of October, and so far, there is...
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New leaked screenshots show UI tweaks in Android 4.4 KitKat...

Here’syet another glimpse at the Android KitKat. The newest leaks fromZDnet show the older build of KitKat running on the Nexus 7 tablet (2013) along with several screenshots showing different areas in the new build.
One of the screenshots shows the Android 4.4 Easter Egg, which should be seen with a multiple taps on the Android version under Settings, similar to what we've seen in previous Android versions. However, it still reads Key Lime Pie. So, it is quite likely that this isn’t the final build. However, what’s interesting is the number of other changes that the screenshots reveal.

Just long-press on the Easter Egg icon, and a moving mosaic appears that shows Android's journey right from Cupcake to Jelly Bean. The App drawer is almost similar to the one seen in the Android 4.3, but the icons look slightly tweaked. The icons for Google, Google Settings, Settings and Voice Search look slightly rounded.
The leaked screenshots also reveal the slightly changed clock, stopwatch…

Twitter now allows all of your followers to send you Direct Messages...

Power Twitter users know the annoying and slightly creepy feeling of having to follow-back a relatively unknown person, only in order to receive a Direct Message from him. Twitter has solved this issue for its users. You can now allow anyone who follows you to send you a DM without the need of mutual following now.
The option seems to have been rolled out in a hush-hush manner with no news from the micro-blogging website itself. The new option was spotted byPocket Lint.It was seen that you could check an option box that allows anyone who follows you to send you a Direct Message. The text under the option reads,“If you check this option, any Twitter user that follows you will be able to send you a DM, regardless of whether you decide to follow them back."

This seems to be a smooth new move on Twitter’s part and potentially one that will put an end to follow-back-for-information practice that some Twitter users put to action in a bid to score some followers. On the other hand, peop…

Android 4.4 KitKat will introduce option to set default SMS app: Google

A large number of people use third-party apps, like Go SMS and chompSMS, for sending...
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