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How To Install WhatsApp Without Jailbreak...


iPhone is the best in smartphone now days so many iPhone user are in India. So everybody wants to use whatsapp in his iPhone so if you want to download whatsapp in your iphone you have to pay for it like $7,$8
so everybody wants to download whatssapp free in his iphone if you have jailbroken iphone you can install any app download from computer but if your iPhone is not jailbroken you can’t download free whatsapp or you can’t installapps direct from your computer. so today i gonna give you trick with the help of it you can download whatsapp without jailbreak iPhone. i don’t have an iPhone so i not tested tricks but i gonna gave you all methods of it.
How to install Whatsapp without Jailbreak
1 Method :

1.Install iFunBoxon your Windows PC or Mac.
2.Install Whatsapps in the regular way via iTunes Store on your iPhone, if you haven’t already done it. Launch iFunBox.
3.Connect your iPhone via cable to your Computer.
4.Create a dedicated folder on your computer, e.g. named ‘Whatsapp’.
5.Go to ‘User Applications’, select ‘Whatsapp’, double-click and click on‘Copy to Mac’: all Whatsapp files from your iPhone are copied to your computer in the selected folder.
6.Disconnect your iPhone from your computer.
7.Connect your iPad via cable to your computer.
8.Push button ‘Install App’,
select …/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/ MobileApplications/WhatsApp 2.8.7.ipa
and click on‘Open’.
9.Go to ‘User Applications’ and double-click the Folder‘Whatsapp’.
10.Select all files in the folder and push the button‘Copy from Mac’: all files from the folder ‘Whatsapp’ of your computer are transferred to your iPad Folder ‘Whatsapp’.
11.Disconnect your iPad fromyour computer.
12.Now you can start Whatsapp on your iPad!
2. Mehtod :
1.Open your iTunes and looks for the App that is not compactable with your iPod Touch or iPad
2.Install and open the iPhone Configuration utility before that make sure you connected your iPod or iPad to Windows PC or Mac.
3.Check on the left panel on iPhone configuration utility. Click on application, Add file and locate the .ipa file you want to add or simply drag and drop the .ipa file to iPhone configuration utility
You can Locate the .ipa at the following path
For Mac user
/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/ MobileApplication
For Windows user
C:UsersUSERMusiciTunesiTunes Media MobileApplications
Note : The paths mentionedabove are default ones, if you changed the path then check the .ipa file there.
4.Check for Devices on the left panel on iPhone configuration utility and make sure your iPod or iPad is listed.Click on your device and go to application. A list of applications will will shown and in our case you can see Install button next to wahts app. Click on it and allow few seconds
Give it some time it will be installed on your deice andyou will see the uninstall button next to the app installed.
5.Now you can enjoy whatsappon your iPod Touch or iPad. You can also do the same for other apps to make it force install if its not compatible with your iPod Touch or iPad.
3. Method :
if you have whatssapp installed in any iphone like inyour friend’s iphone who have whatsapp installed in his iphone . just open his app sote id in you iphone and sync whatss from his id and download whatss for free.

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