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How To Download/Install WhatsApp in iPhone 3g...

How To Install WhatsApp in iPhone 3g:
Whatsapp is that the hottest
messaing app that’s victimisation to send message whatsapp is fully free and you can send message worldwide free of coast whatsapp to whatsapp.
and in currently days virtually everybody have whatsapp put in in his/her phone to attach with friends with quick instant message service that’s very cool connect with ME through whatssapp add me in your contact list or send me message +919888404991. surely gonna reply you.
These days iphone is most used phone within the world however there’s drawback in iphone 3g or lower that you just cannot run whatsapp on your iphone 3g device cause during this phone there is lower Ios 4.3.1 and in currently days whatsapp not support this version it supports higher version therefore you cannot install whatssapp in iPhone 3g device . however there’s an answer i gonna show you the way you’ll be able to install Whatsapp in your iPhone 3g device simply follow the straight forward steps and he…

4 Ways To Download And Save YouTube Videos...

Download and Save Youtube is the most popular video hosting resource and the third most popular website in the world. The success of this project owes to its convenience but the latter is limited when trying to download and save a video from YouTube . Not every video can be saved using common methods. presents the fastest way to download videos from YouTube , providing the best quality of the videos saved from YouTube :
1st way :
being on simply add " ss " to the video URL:
2nd way :
being on the website where the video is posted add " " or " " before the webpage URL address, for example:
and then push Enter button. You'll get the list containing direct links to download videos for all video files posted on that webpage .
3rd way :
is to use convenient user instruments enabling to download YouTube videos by one cl…

How To Get Rs. 50 Free Mobile Recharge for Registring With Facebook...

We always try to cover up with some freebie’s which you all can take advantage from, like making free calls, adding up some more talk-time in your phone and other awesome deals. Well this time facebook has come up with a promotional offer providing free Rs.50 recharge to all the mobile users who sign up for their free account with new mobile number that’s has been never used on facebook yet.Yes that’s right its just a user expanding program from facebook that’s going to give out some cash back in form of talktime for users that are new the online social world and would like toconnect with facebook. Get Free Rs.50 Mobile Recharge for Registering with Facebook Get Free Rs.50 Mobile Recharge for Registering with Facebook.
How to Avail this Free Recharge Offer by Facebook
You just need to have a brand new mobile number that you haven’t used on facebook yet, so that we canuse that number to create a new account and after validating it you will get yourrecharge for free.
You just need to hav…

Just found new site for free recharge like ultoo..

Hi frnds i have find a new website to earn free mobile recharges for sending sms like ultoo..
Your Task in the site:
You just have to send sms submit quizes and invite people..
click here to goto the site
goto this url

Get Free Mobile Recharge a new Site..

Hi dear users i have find a new website to earn free mobile recharges.
Your Task in the site:
You just have to give them maximum clicks to the link which they will give you..
click here to goto the site
manually goto

Samsung Mobile Secret Codes...

: Samsung Mobile Codes :
Here i have tried some codes in samsung mobile.
I got these results. Try in your mobile and check what happens and must tell us the results..*2767*688# = Unlocking Code
*#8999*8378# = All in one Code
*#4777*8665# = GPRS Tool
*#8999*523# = LCD Brightness
*#8999*3825523# = External Display
*#8999*377# = Errors
#*5737425# = JAVA Something{I choose 2 and it chrashed}
*#2255# = Call List
#*536961# = Java Status Code
#*536962# = Java Status Code
#*536963# = Java Status Code
#*53696# = Java Status Code
#*1200# = AFC DAC Val
#*1300# = IMEI
#*1400# = IMSI
#*2562# = White for 15 secs then restarts.
#*2565# = Check Blocking
#*3353# = Check Code
#*3837# = White for 15 secs then restarts.
#*3849# = White for 15 secs then restarts.
#*3851# = White for 15 secs then restarts.
#*7222# = Operation Typ (Class C GSM)
#*7224# = I Got !! ERROR !!
#*7252# = Oparation Typ (Class B GPRS)
#*7271# = Multi Slot (Class 1 GPRS)
#*7274# = Multi Slot (Class 4 GPRS)
#*7276# = Dunno
#*7337# = E…

Convert your Facebook Profile into Facebook Like Page...

* * * * *Follow the steps * * * * **. First Login To Your Facebook Account
Which You Want To Convert*. Then Click Here -
To Go ToThe Migration Page .*. Mark On I Agree To Facebook Pages Terms AndConditions.*. Then Click On " Get Started " *. Now Your Facebook Profile Becomes Your Facebook Page .*. Enjoy! Everything Is Done.Things To Remember Before Converting Facebook ProfileInto Page:-
*. All your confirmed friendsand subscribers will be converted to people who like your new Page .
*. Your current profile picture will become your Page's picture.
*. Your Username Will Become Your Page's Username

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