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ANC-01 Nutrition For The Community Solved Assignment For IGNOU 2017-18 Session

ANC-01 solved assignment for 2018 session

IGNOU Solved Assignment for 2018

ANC-01 Nutrition For The Community

Questions Solved In Assignment:

Q. 1. There are ten short questions in this part. Answer all questions.
(a) Briefly explain the relationship between nutrition, health and nutritional status.
Q. 2. Briefly explain how the nutrient needs of adults are influenced by following factors:
(a) Activity level
(b) Age.
Q. 3. Explain how nutritional status of mother influence birth weight of the infant:
Q. 4. List the dietary considerations that should be kept in mind while planning meals for each of the following :
(a) Lactating mother
Q. 5. Briefly discuss the microorganis responsible for food spoilage. Substanage your answer with examples.
Q. 6. Briefly discuss the dietary modifications/preventive measures for the following:
(a) Diabetes mellitus
(b) Iron deficiency anemia
Q. 7. What are the different records you would maintain in food service unit? Enumerate.
Q. 8. List the different methods used for assessment of nutritional status. How are anthropometric measurements used in assessment of nutritional status?
Q. 9. What are the objetive and components of:
(a) Mid-day Meal Programme
(b) ICDS
Q. 10. Give reasons for the following:
(a) Vitamin C helps in rapid
(b) Milk can help in meeting niacin needs
(c) Absorption of iron from plant food sources is low than animal sources.
(d) Iodine content of food is influenced by the iodine content of soil/water.
There are four exercises in this section. These exercises are based on Practical Manual. Answer all four.
Q. 1. What is a balanced diet? List the steps involved in preparing a balanced diet. Using these steps plan a balanced diet for a pregnant women in the 2nd triemester of pregnancy belonging to low socio-economic group.
Q. 2. Record the food intake of an adolescent girl for one day using the following table:
Evaluate the meal and comment whether the diet is balanced:
Q. 3. Prepare any two nutritious snacks – one for a child attending an aganwadi and second for an elderly.
Your answer must specify:
(i) Name of the snack
(ii) List of Ingredients
(iii) Method of Preparation.
(iv) Food sources contributing to the important nutrients required by the specific individuals.
(v) Justify the selection of snack (from nutritional stand point) for the children and for the elderly.
Q. 4. Describe in details any four cooking practices common in your region for pulses/Rice/Wheat//Maize, etc.). Predict the nutrients which are likely to be lost to a substantial degree in each.
(a) Define the following terms in 2-3 sentences only:
1. Standardized Recipe
2. Food fortification
3. Food preservation
4. Amylase Rich Food (ARF)
5. ORS
(b) Differentiate between the following sets of terms:
(i) Enhancers and Inhibitors.
(ii) Essential and Non Essential Amino acids.
(iii) Xerophalmia and Keratomalacia.
(iv) PUFA and Saturated Fat.
(v) Food law and food standard.
(c) List the function and disorder(s) caused by the deficiency of the following nutrients/ substances:
(i) Niacin
(ii) Folic acid
(iii) Protein
(iv) Riboflavin
(v) Vitamin ‘D’
(d) Indicate the relationship between each set of terms. Your answer should be brief and precise and
should include an example:
(i) Fortification - Salt
(ii) Bulk Purchase-Perish ability of foods.
(iii) Food Storage - Temperature.
(iv) Food quality - Food standard.
(v) Risk factors - Pregnancy.

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