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Add upto Rs9000 In Your Bank Account With Just Few Minutes Effort (Offer By Google)

Hi folks.. Today i'm gonna share with you a simplest way to add upto Rs. 9000/- in your bank account with just few minutes effort. This offer is an official offer by none other than by Google itself. Google has introduced a new app for money transfer with your bank account. This is the simplest app to do the task. The app name is Tez.

What is Tez App By Google?

Tez app is a newly launched UPI application powered by Google itself by which you can send money easily. Tez app by google offers Rs 51 cashback on first UPI transaction (no minimum transaction amount required). Users can send money to anyone in India at a one click only. Tez app referral offer provides Rs. 51 for every successful tez referral. earn upto Rs 9000 Indian rupees from tez app in each financial year. Just download tez app using tez app referral link and signup using your registered bank mobile number. Tez app also offers 2 different kind of send and win program in which users can win upto Rs 1 lakh on each UPI payment. See below for more details. We have also added tez app signup bonus proof screenshot.

-> Status of Tez App UPI App: 100% Genuine Powered By Google itself

-> Tez App Download link : Tez App BY Google

-> Tez App Referral Link

-> Tez App Signup Bonus : Rs 51 after 1st UPI Transaction (You can send Rs 1 minimum)

-> Tez App UPI ID : rspreet92@okicici

-> Tez App Referral Money : When Your friend Completes His 1st UPI Transaction

-> Referral Cashback Received Mode : Direct in Bank account

-> Tez App Referral Offer Validity : 1st April 2018

-> Referral Money To Be Received : Within 48 Hours after confirmed with the Banks

-> Minimum Redemption Amount : Nil

tez app referral earn

Tez App Referral Offer :- Get Rs 51 on First Payment + Rs 51 Per Referral + Win 1 Lakh From Google

tez app referral offer



How To Get Started With Tez UPI App By Google?

1) Download The Tez App

2) Install and open the app.

3) Select the language preference first.

4) Now, Enter your mobile number which is registered with your bank account.

5) Select the google account that you want to select during signup.

6) Then set either choose your lock screen password or set new Google PIN password.

7) That’s it! You are now registered on tez app by google.

tez app referral

How To Add Bank Account in Tez App?

1) First of all open the Tez app by Google.

2) Goto>> Top Left dotted menu button>> Settings>> Bank accounts.

3) Click on “Add bank account” and select your bank name from the list given.

4) Enter your mobile number registered with your bank account and verify it using OTP.

5) After verification set/enter your UPI PIN to get access of all transactions right on your tez app.

6) Now, you have successfully added your bank account in Tez app. Thank you.

Watch How To Register And Earn Money on Tez App

How To Get Rs 51 Signup Bonus on Tez App UPI App?

1) Go to>> Homepage >> Click on new button under payments head.

tez app referral

2) Now, select either contact number, enter UPI ID or mobile number of the person whom you wan to send Rs 1 or more.

3) If you don't have anyone with UPI then send Rs 1 to us at : rspreet92@okicici and you will get Rs 51 bonus instant in your bank account.

4) Complete the payment by using UPI PIN.

5) That’s it! You will get Rs 51 instantly in your bank account.

tez app referralHere is the signup bonus proof after 1st UPI payment. check the image above.

Tez App Referral Offer Proof (Updated)

tez app referral


How To Refer a Friend on Tez App Referral Offer?

1) First open the app and Go to>> Offers.

2) Click on the invite and earn offer. see image below.

tez app referral

3) Now, click on “Invite Friends” button and share your tez app referral link with friends, family and others.

4) Ask your friend to signup using your tez app referral link only otherwise you will not get any referral bonus.

5) When your friend completes his first transaction on tez app you will get your Rs.51 referral bonus within 48 hours. (No minimum transaction amount required)

Tez App Offers : 5th October 2017 (Verified)

Win Upto Rs 1 Lakh Per UPI Transaction

tez app referral

  • Pay anyone this week Rs 50 more and get a lucky sunday scratch card for a chance to win Rs 1 lakh.

How To Avail Tez App Offer?

1) Go to>> Offer section and click on this offer.

2) Initiate your payment of Rs 50 minimum and get your scratch card within few hours.

3) You will get notified when you get your scratch card.

4) We will upload tez app winning proof soon. just stay in touch with us.

Pay or Get Paid, Rs 50 or More and Win Rs 1000 For Each Person

tez app referral


  • Pay minimum Rs 50 or receive Rs 50 from friend to avail this offer.
  • You can win Rs 1000 for each friend from whom you have received or paid Rs 50 or more.
  • For full details click on “see offer details” button.


Terms and Conditions

1) New user must send Rs 1 successfully to get using your Rs 51 tez app cashback bonus.

2) You will get Rs 51 referral cashback after your friend makes his first upi transaction on tez app.

3) For getting referral bonus your friend must download the tez app using your tez app referral link.

4) The payments made to non-tez upi id are not qualify for the offer.

5) Users can earn from maxium 50 referrals per account.

6) Tez app referral offer is valid till 1st April 2018 23:59:59 hours.

7) You can earn maximum of Rs 9000/- Indian rupee in each financial year. i.e., 1st April to 31st March.

8) Do not use tez app unlimited hack trick, tez app scripts, tez app fake joining, tez app fake referrals and similar activities, it may block your tez app and earnings as well.

9) For full details of tez app referral offer terms click here.


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