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Computer Basics and PC Software Lab

Last date of Submission: 15th October, 2017 (For July 2017 Session)
: 15th April, 2018 (For January 2018 Session)
Questions Solved in Assignment
Section 1: Power Point
1. Make a power point presentation on Internet which should include topics:
What is Internet, Impact of Internet on our lives and a brief history of
  • There should be a minimum of 10 slides
  • Insert the relevant picture of Internet on every slide
  • Create animation on the picture of the study centre.
  • All the slides should follow the common design : same title style,
  • color background, page numbers
  • All slides should have slide notes
Write speaker notes for each slide

Section 2: Outlook
2. i) Imagine that you are an event manager and want to organize a
promotional event (for any product development company. You are
required to book a hall in a hotel and other resources for conducting the
event, make a contact list, send an email with an attachment (invitation
letter) to all invitees from the contact list. Write all the options available
to fulfill the task for the event
ii) What options are available in the Outlook to reschedule the event on
some other date due to non availability of the hall

Section 3: Spreadsheet
3. Perform the following procedures in Excel and complete your worksheet
i) Calculate the total number of pedestrian killed that occurred
during weekdays.
ii) Calculate the percent of all weekday pedestrians killed that
occurred during each of the given times of day.
iii) Calculate the total number of pedestrians killed that occurred
during weekends.
iv) Calculate the percent of all weekday pedestrians killed that
occurred during each of the given time of day.
v) Calculate the total number of pedestrian killed that occurred during
each time of day (i.e., add weekday and weekend pedestrian killed
for each time of day).
Create a bar graph for the percent of all pedestrian killed by the time of day

Section 4: Word processing
4. (a) Create a 3-page document in 3-column format. In the first page you
insert an image and write text around the image and in the remaining
pages you insert tables.
(b) Create a table of contents and footnotes for the above document.

Section 5: Browsing and Discussion Forum
5. Locate, download and analyze information online on advancement in
microprocessor technology through advance search option of Google and
prepare a 4 pages report and submit
You are required to do the following:
  • Review at least 10 articles (write ups)
  • Search for the keyword “microprocessor”
  • Review the result of search and consider the similarities and differences between different microprocessors.
  • While preparing the report, also capture some screens images of microprocessors and include in the report.



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