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Saturday, 1 July 2017

WhatsApp is Going To Introduce Caller Tune Feature Soon


Good News for every WhatsApp user, WhatsApp is now adding new feature soon
This is very normal feature but very entertaining too.
I’m talking about “Whats Tune(Name Not Confirm)” feature. Yes Whats  Tune.
You’ll easily understand it if I say “Caller Tune”. You are all well known about the Caller Tune
service used by every operator. Some operator named it as Hello Tune and some as Dialer Tune
No matter what the name is. What matters is what the feature do.
WhatsApp is trying to use same service for its users.
Now, you don’t have to hear that boring tring-tring while  WhatsApp Calls.
You will be allowed to chose any song from millions of songs available on internet.
This is not yet confirmed if WhatsApp will charge for the service or not.
However in India we love this feature a lot. We all have a favourite song to set
as Whats Tune. May be you are also eagerly started waiting for this feature already.
So lets wait when will WhatsApp introduce this feature to everyone publicly.
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