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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Cyanogen failed to kill Android, now it is shuttering its services and OS as part of a pivot

Cyanogen gives up on killing Android. It's been a rocky few months for Cyanogen, the ambitious startup that aimed to build a better version of Android than Google. It has laid off staff, let go of its CEO and parted ways with another co-founder -- now it is shutting down its services and nightly software builds on December 31.

The news was announced in brief blog post released late on Friday:
As part of the ongoing consolidation of Cyanogen, all services and Cyanogen-supported nightly builds will be discontinued no later than 12\/31\/16. The open source project and source code will remain available for anyone who wants to build CyanogenMod personally.

This update means owners of a device that runs the Cyanogen OS -- such as the OnePlus One --must now transition over to the CyanogenMod ROM, which is not a commercial product and is managed by a community of developers led by former co-founder Steve Klondik.
This essentially marks the end of Cyanogen's grand ambition. Outspoken former CEO Kirk McMaster once claimed his company was " putting a bullet through Google's head," but now it is transitioning to a different approach that new CEO Lior Tal believes will be more attractive to OEMs.

Tal, who was previously Cyanogen COO, described the new Cyanogen Modular OS program as "designed to achieve the original objective of an open and smarter Android without the limitations of requiring the full Cyanogen OS stack and individual device bring-ups."<\p> Essentially, Cyanogen has given up on killing Google and will instead adapt to live in Google's world. Its software was always a hard sell because it required handset makers to ditch Android and Google services entirely in favor of Cyanogen's own alternatives. Then there was the politics. OnePlus was Cyanogen's largest partner, but the relationship was strained and it ended on a sour note after just one device.

Now that these Cyanogen services are dying, Tal's strategy is to unbundle what the Cyanogen OS did offer so that it can work in conjunction with regular Android builds and the stock services that Google provides with it."The new partnership program offers smartphone manufacturers greater freedom and opportunity to introduce intelligent, customizable Android smartphones using different parts of the Cyanogen OS via dynamic modules and MODs, with the ROM of their choice, whether stock Android or their own variant," Lior said in a statement in October when he took his new role.

Cyanogen has raised $115 million to date from investors which include Andreessen Horowitz and Benchmark, according to Crunchbase. Lior said in late November that the company is well funded, yet it has spent half of the year in cost-cutting mode. It made "made layoffs" over the summer and recently shuttered its Seattle office in order to "consolidate" its workforce into one team based out of its base in Palo Alto. The closure of its services is a further cost-saving move that fits with its pivot to make it more accessible and less of commitment for prospective partners.The question now is whether it can offer anything that partners actually want and will pay for.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Jio Sim will now run on 3G phones: Find out How

Jio Sim will now run on 3G smartphones

Reliance Jio Sim will now run on 3G phones : Find Out How

ZEE News

New Delhi: After its strong entry into the 4G telecom space with free data offer, Reliance Jio is all geared up to offer good news to its 3G customers as well.

As per reports, Reliance Jio 4G offer can be used by the 3G customers too. Reportedly Reliance is going to launch a new app by the end of this month, using which 3G customers can easily use the Jio 4G services.

Notably, Reliance Jio SIM can currently be used only for 4G enabled smartphones.

Some media reorts say that from January 1, 3G customers can avail the benefit of Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer.

Reliance Industries Limited’s Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani on December announced to extend the Reliance Jio Welcome offer till March 2017 in which customers will get free voice calls and roaming services, while data is being charged at one-tenth of the prevailing market rates.

With over 52 million customers taking Jio's free voice and data since its launch on September 4, he announced 'Jio Happy New Year Offer' of free data, voice, video and applications till March 31 for new users joining from December 4 as well as the existing ones.

However, the plan will come with a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) which will cap data for Reliance Jio customers at around 1 GB per day.


This battery is powered by bacteria

This battery is powered by bacteria

This battery is powered by bacteria


Researchers at Binghamton University in New York have created a bacteria-powered battery on a single sheet of paper.†The project is aimed at creating batteries for disposable microelectronics that can run for weeks using a little bacteria-rich liquid.

The manufacturing technique reduces fabrication time and cost, and the design could revolutionize the use of bio-batteries as a power source in remote, dangerous and resource-limited areas write the researchers.

The researchers used a piece of chromatography paper and a ribbon of silver nitrate under a layer of wax. The anode was made of a conductive polymer on the other half of the paper†and a reservoir held bacteria-rich liquid. The cellular respiration powered the battery.

You're not going to power your car with these but you will be able to squeeze out a little juice. The batteries expel 31.51 microwatts at 125.53 microamps with six batteries in three parallel series and 44.85 microwatts at 105.89 microamps in a 6×6 configuration. The researchers believe these batteries can run glucose sensors, detect pathogens, or keep small electronics alive for days without traditional power supplies.

Interestingly this isn't the first bacteria battery his team has made. The team developed its first paper prototype in 2015, which was a foldable battery that looked much like a matchbook. The best part? Earlier this year they unveiled a design that was inspired by a ninja throwing star.

करोड़ो में एक परिवार (माता,पिता और बच्चे की एक ही जन्म तारीख

One In Million couple with same birth dates
करोड़ो में एक परिवार (माता,पिता और बच्चे की एक ही जन्म तारीख

करोड़ो में एक परिवार (माता,पिता और बच्चे की एक ही जन्म तारीख

Ludhiana Live

लुधियाना – चमत्कार या सौभाग्य माता-पिता व उनके पहले बच्चे के जन्म की तारीख एक ही है। हम बात कर रहे हैं महानगर के इलाके राजेश नगर की जहां 22 फरवरी 2016 को हुई मनू और रीचू की शादी के बाद घर में जन्म लेने वाले पहले बच्चे की जन्म तारीख भी माता-पिता की तरह 19 दिसम्बर है। इस बात की जहां एक तरफ पूरे परिवार में खुशी की लहर है और वहीं वे खुद को लक्की मान रहे हैं।

पिता                 मनू राणा
जन्मतिथि         19 दिसम्बर 1990
समय                सुबह 8 बजकर 45 मिनट

माता                रीचू राणा
जन्मतिथि         19 दिसम्बर 1992
समय                सुबह 8 बजे

बच्चे का नाम     ‘एम’ से निकला
जन्म तिथि        19 दिसम्बर 2016
समय                सुबह 9.30 बजे

जन्मतिथि एक ही होने के साथ-साथ तीनों के जन्म के समय में भी एक अलग करिश्मा है। तीनों का जन्म सुबह हुआ है वहीं तीनों के जन्म के समय में 45-45 मिनट का फर्क है। मां का सुबह 8 बजे तो पिता का 8.45 व बच्चे का 9.30 पर जन्म हुआ है। पंडित जी ने उनके बेटे का नाम अंग्रेजी के अक्षर एम से रखने को कहा है जबकि उसका नाम भी एम से है। इस बात को भी वह खुद के लिए लक्की मान रहे हैं।

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Thursday, 22 December 2016

20 Ways To Always Be Happy

20 Ways to Always Be Happy

20 Ways to Always Be Happy

  1. Socialise. Having lots of contacts with others is the key to success. One person might give you a really useful idea for work, whilst in other cases you might meet someone really special. It doesn’t matter if you don’t become best friends with everyone that you meet; the main thing is simply to keep in contact. Having a wide circle of acquaintances is a guarantee that you’ll have someone to turn to whatever problem your facing or question you have. Of course, this means you have to be ready to help others as much as they’ll be ready to help you. But that should make you feel great as well.

  2. Don’t be too modest. If you don’t show initiative and a degree of courage, you could end up being the equivalent of an unused piece of furniture sitting in a dusty corner somewhere for your whole life — despite having a huge number of talents. Promoting yourself and your abilities is a skill which you simply have to acquire if you want to get anywhere in life. There’s nothing shameful in focusing people’s attention on your abilities and successes. People need to understand that you’re successful, so that they know you have the potential to be useful to them as well. The trick is to not let self-promotion turn into arrogance.

  3. Do what you enjoy. It sounds too simple, but it’s true: you’ll become happier much more easily if you just do what you genuinely like doing, and do it often. Don’t try to do what others demand or expect you to do; there are too many people out there (none of whom are genuinely happy) who waste their whole lives doing what they think society expects them to do. Listen to your own inner thoughts, feelings and hopes, and ignore social pressures. Become yourself, and you’ll find joy.

  4. Be friends with positive people. The most inspiring kinds of people are the optimists — those whose lives aren’t necessarily perfect, but who nevertheless have the innate ability to look at the challenges life throws at them with humour, and therefore don’t overdramatise any situation. People’s attitudes are affected by others as if by chain reaction. Someone’s bad mood can very easily rub off on you over some trivial matter — that means you should try to stick around with positive people as much as possible. It’s a fact that positive people generally have greater success in both work and relationships. Small, daily moments of joy add up to happiness overall.

  5. Treat life as a game, which you sometimes win and sometimes lose. Some people ruin their lives by taking it too seriously — it just leads to tension, stress and ultimately failure. Happy people are often the ones who don’t look at things so fatalistically and understand that life is a lottery. Any problem can be seen in a light-hearted way. It’s not always easy to see the funny side of things, but if you can, it helps 100 per cent, deflating the problem like a balloon.

  6. Think positively. Negative thinking is crippling — it shapes your behaviour, which then affects your thinking, and it becomes a vicious circle. And the saddest thing is people don’t even realise they’re stuck in this negative cycle. The only answer is to think positive, to stop wasting time mulling over your real or imagined failures. There is always something positive you can focus on — as they say, hope springs eternal. That’s the only way out.

  7. Give yourself credit. Be happy at your successes, no matter how small they might be. We say to ourselves far too much something along the lines of: ’You call that success? That was nothing. Other people have achieved far more than I have.’ Never, ever devalue what you have achieved, otherwise you won’t experience any more achievements. Give yourself credit, and reward yourself in whatever way you like. Psychologists suggest that, should you reward yourself with a present, put it somewhere where you’ll see it every day — this will motivate you to go further.

  8. Smile. It’s said that even a forced smile can lead to the same feelings as a sincere one, given time. Working those muscles in your face opens up your blood vessels and increases the supply of oxygen to your brain, your body’s cells and your central nervous system. This leads to the production of more endorphins, which make you more optimistic. And of course, talking to a smiling person is always more pleasant than talking to a sad one.

  9. Don’t get stuck in a rut. Some people find it hard to forget even the tiniest, most insignificant unpleasant experience. This is an innate side to their character which they have to struggle against. It’s important to know how to consciously shift your mood and emotion from negative to positive, and to change your behaviour depending on the circumstances. Don’t get stuck in an orbit around your failures. Look for an alternative perspective on life, and your chances of being happy will increase.

  10. Laugh more, laugh often. When we laugh, we feel great. This is partly the result of the fact that laughter stimulates the production of certain chemicals, including endorphins, which naturally raise our spirits. When you laugh, you feel better, and when you feel better, there’s a greater chance you will come up with new ideas about how to improve things. The simplest, guaranteed way to do this — just watch a comedy programme which you like.

  11. Focus on the positive things around you. If you spend large amounts of your time listening to gloomy music or reading about all the bad things going on in the world through the newspapers, don’t count on having a good mood very often. Instead, focus on the positive things around you: all the beautiful things you have, wonderful music, great people you know and love. Only let these good things influence your thoughts, and you’ll be happier and more joyful straight away.

  12. Eat properly. Don’t get distracted by all those severe diets. Not eating enough leads to fatigue, sluggish concentration, and to apathy. You won’t ever feel better that way. But apart from that, food is also one of the greatest sources of pleasure you can find. Good food can release endorphins as good as anything else. So, don’t starve yourself — eat a lot, and eat well.

  13. Find an outlet for your creativity. The therapeutic effects of having a hobby have been proved time and again. Whatever it is you like doing — painting, reading, music, dance, sport, craft work — you can enjoy doing it yourself. Engaging in your hobbies reduces stress, helps you to relax, and has a positive effect on your overall health. It’s the ideal method for raising your sense of self-worth and overcoming that sense of self-pity. Creative people are often the happiest — this is due to the amount of endorphins their generating from all that focusing on their hobbies.

  14. Try something new. Don’t get locked into doing the same old things. Life never stands still, and trying something new might lead to very important, positive changes in your life. If an opportunity appears, why not go for it? Get back into education, change your profession completely. Success most often comes to those who are willing to take a risk. Always say yes to new offers and suggestions, even if you don’t know what exactly it is you’re going to do.

  15. Lighten your load. Apologise to those you have wronged, pay off your debts, throw out all those things you never use anymore, fulfil all your outstanding tasks and responsibilities. In short, clean up your life and put things in order in the same way you would with your computer. You’ll feel happier and ready for a new start.

  16. Get more sunshine. How much sunshine you get can affect your mood. People with depression have been known to even get ’light therapy’ because it can affect things so much. Darkness produces more melatonin in your body, which lowers your mood and gives you gloomy thoughts. An extra portion of sunlight can turn this around. So, if the sun is shining, head outside!

  17. Regularly do something cultural. The arts can have tremendous healing effect on the soul. They drive out your everyday worries and transform your mood. This is because the impressions that creative works have on you increase your brain’s activity, which can act as an impetus for new ideas and the inspiration to realise your plans and dreams. So, head to the theatre or the art gallery — today.

  18. Stay in touch with nature. Even a short getaway from the city can restore your positive energy. Walk barefoot on the grass, brush your hands over the bark of an old tree, breathe in the scents of the forest, listen to the sounds of the river and the song of the birds, and you’re guaranteed to feel much better. Even a walk in a local park can reduce the level of any negative feelings or thoughts you have and free up internal intellectual, creative and emotional reserves — which you can then channel in the right direction.

  19. Keep a good luck charm. This could be something as simple as a little plush toy, or a ring. Whatever you had in your possession at happy moments in your life and which you can easily carry with you anywhere at all times. Here the placebo effect can come into play — if you genuinely believe a lucky charm brings you luck, then you’ll be subconsciously motivated to get what you want.

  20. Accept that you’re lucky. Think about all the things which prove that you’re actually an immensely lucky person. Think about all the you have, and be thankful for it. In actual fact, it just seems like you have no reason to ever be happy or grateful — that’s not really the case. You have a roof over your head; you aren’t going hungry; you’re free to choose your own path in life. And if nothing else, you have been blessed with the gift of life. Think objectively about all the things you should be grateful for, and be grateful! Just understanding how lucky you are is already half the battle on the path to success and happiness. Now you just have to make a bit more effort to reach your destination.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Win OnePlus 3T Smartphone For Just ₹1

Yes Folks! its true. You can win OnePlus' Latest smartphone 3T.
It comes in two varriants 64 GB and 128 GB
Price for 64 GB is ₹29,999.
And for 128 GB is ₹34,999.
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Offer is valid for only till 30th December So Hurry! Participate now to increase your chances.

Some Featutes

5.5 inch Full HD Display, 6GB RAM, Front and Back Both 16 MP Camera, Qualcom Snapdragon Processor, Fingerprint Scanner, Fast Charging, 4G/LTE/Vo-LTE Compatible.

64 GB and 128 GB variant.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Google G-Board is now officially available for Android mobile

Earlier in the week, an update to Google Keyboard started an early rollout as v6.0that turned the app into Gboard, a previously iOS exclusive keyboard experience. Google let this all go down without an announcement, so we have been wondering if and when this big change would go official. Thanks to a YouTube video that just went live on Google’s channel, today is the day. 

We have yet to see an announcement on Google’s official blog, but this video isn’t holding back. It’s titled “Gboard; now available for Android,” after all, and it links to Google Keyboard in the Play store that has already been flipped to “Gboard – the Google Keyboard.”

As a recap, Gboard is still the Google Keyboard, but it now gives you access to Google Search from your keyboard. So as you have conversations about places, restaurants, sports teams, travel plans, etc., you can look all of that up within your conversation and then share info from Search. Instead of having to exit your conversation and look up items separately in Search, the experience is now combined. Oh, you can share GIFs too. It’s pretty awesome.

What’s New

Meet Gboard: Search Google and share, right from your keyboard • Emoji search

GIF search, available in supporting appsMultilingual typing:Automatically switch between your enabled languages while typingStreaming autocorrect: Autocorrect last two words based on contextPredictive search:Search suggestions based on what you typeDefault number row (turn on in Keyboard Settings)36 new languages

Again, the Play store paged just flipped, so it should be rolling out and available if it isn’t already. My phone received an update as v6.0.69.

Download Officially from this link:

Play Link

Sunday, 11 December 2016

What computer or laptop do software engineers or programmers at Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter Amazon, and/or other big tech companies use?

One of the big question facing a prospective computer or laptop buyer is which brand PC/laptop he/she should buy. Most of us go by the reviews published on different websites to make an informed choice but it is a fact that most of these reviews are paid for and don’t give the correct picture to the prospective buyer.  Sometimes, going by such reviews might land the PC/laptop buyer with a dud/non-performing gadget causing not only monetary loss but data loss as well.

So what should such a buyer do in such cases? The best idea would be to buy the very same computer or laptop which big tech companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Twitter, etc. give to their engineers and programmers. The reason for this is that most big companies have a dedicated quality control team which vets all buys including systems and laptops and when they make purchases it is bound to be good. And what is good for them should be good for you!

In this article, I have collated data from Quora to find out exactly which PC/laptops big companies give to their engineers and programmers.

What computer or laptop do software engineers or programmers at Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. use?


We will start off with the big daddy of them all, Google. According to Alex Wiesen, Engineering Manager, Voice Products Group, Google employees are given a variety of desktops, laptops, mini-desktops like Chromeboxes, and even tablets. 

Developers at Google typically choose a desktop and a laptop, and they can choose what they want. Wiesen says that most Googlers choose lightweight laptops like MacBooks; while other people will opt for the beefier laptops. On the desktop side, it depends a lot on what the developers are working on; iOS programmers are given Mac Pro, while Googlers working on the cloud have to work with Chromebooks.

Google engineers get beefy workstations running a modified version of Ubuntu. Benson Leung a Chrome OS Kernel Engineer says that his team works on Chrome OS and they are given Chromebooks to be secure enough for access to Google’s corporate network. He himself uses Chromebooks to SSH back into my Ubuntu workstation to code. He also uses a Chrome Remote Desktop to run a UI driven app.

Leung says that most of Googlers are given MacBooks and Ubuntu laptops for running local applications but Chromebook is the most used laptop at Google.


The social networking giant trusts Apple’s MacBooks and Lenovo Thinkpads for its employees. Facebook front-end engineer, Daniel Baulig says that when you join Facebook you are provisioned with a laptop and a phone. The choices  usually are Mac Book (15″, 13″ or Air) or Lenovo Thinkpad (T-series) and current iPhone or any flagship Android. He says that Facebook employees are rarely given desktops except for the VR guys.

He says that Facebook employees can  ask for anything that will help the job done. E.g. lots of Android engineers will have several phones for testing. Some engineers working on VR software will have powerful desktop rigs. And lots of engineers will have two or even three monitor setups.


Microsoft unquestioning trusts Lenovo for its computer and laptop needs. Wirawan Winarto, ex-Technical Evangelist at Microsoft says that all employees are given two laptops. Both Lenovo! One was used for daily administrative stuff (e-mail and presentation), while another one was used for engineering/programming. Winarto says that he was given Lenovo W530 beast with Core i7 and 32 GB of RAM that ran Windows Server with a multitude of VMs running.


At Adobe all employees are given a choice of owning any machine from the approved list. Nathan Hoover, Senior Engineering Manager, Adobe says that if the engineer wants something more powerful,  the cost center manager has to approve it. For engineers, the standards are a choice of top-spec 15″ MacBook Pro, top-spec Lenovo W series, Mac Pro desktop, or Dell Precision Workstation.


At Twitter, all engineers are given Retina Macbook Pros. Almost everyone has the 13″ version but the 15″ version is used in some cases where the developer needs a bit more power. Samuel Maskell,Android Engineer at Twitter says that the company gives Macbook Airs to PM’s/managers/designers.


Venkat Balabhadra from Amazon says that an SDE gets a choice of high-end Mac 14″ Retina display i7 processor laptop or equivalent HP/Lenovo Windows laptop, a big 34″ monitor or two 24″ monitors, not just that any number of EC2 high-end machines as per requirement.

As you can see most companies prefer MacBooks for laptops and Macs for desktops while Lenono PCs and laptops are the second choice. Next time you decide to buy a computer or a laptop, do keep this article in mind.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Download Hall Ticket For Term End Exams Of IGNOU


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Saturday, 12 November 2016

New Trick on WhatsApp: How to unsend a message

The new trick on WhatsAp: How to Unsend a Message

Well, we all must be thinking over the topic for a long time now and scratching our heads too! It will be wrong to admit that we have never been in a situation when a wrong message has been sent to a wrong person or sometimes the other way round. We must have wondered how to prevent this grave mistake, but never came out with solutions. We even waited for WhatsApp to launch an ‘unsend’ feature officially, but nothing such happened. We have the solutions for you..

In order to unsend a message which is already sent to the contact, turn off the WiFi on the mobile before the message is sent. You need to be extremely quick in this act, in fact even before the right tick (sent sign) appears below the message. Also, if you do not want the person to read the unintended message, then notice the clock icon below the message. It means the message has not been sent yet or there is a lack of data coverage. In this case there is still time to fix the case by deleting the message before it is actually sent.

WhatsApp is usually very quick and the messages are sent to the recipient within a flash of time. So be alert and solve the mistake within a fraction of a second! The quickest way to turn off the cellular data is by turning the phone in airplane mode.

There is another option too and this is more interesting!

You can block the contact person to whom you have sent the unintended message before it gets delivered, i.e. before the double tick appears below the message. This will save you from humiliation. You can’t block and unblock the person within the same span of time. Wait for at least 30 days to unblock the person, because WhatsApp stores an undelivered message for 30 days. In case the person is unblocked before 30 days, there are chances of him getting the unintended message.

Next time you fall under the trap of sending the wrong message to the wrong person, then recollect the tricks and get saved from humiliation.

Enjoy WhatsApping folks!

Sunday, 30 October 2016


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How to earn more by downloading New apps ?
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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Google’s new wallpaper app brings beautiful backgrounds to your Android device

Wallpaper collections are a dime a dozen on Google Play, but the big G thinks it can do better with its new Android app.

Wallpapers brings a ton of backgrounds to pretty up your device, sorted into categories like Landscapes, Cityscapes, Life, Textures and Earth. The app pulls in imagery from Google Earth and partners like 500px, and so far, the collection looks good. You’ll find loads of striking photos to suit your home screen setup, and it looks like Google has carefully curated pictures that work well with portrait orientation.
In addition to rifling through each section and picking one out, you can also set a live wallpaper that changes up your background once a day with images from any of the above categories.

The app also lets you look through live and still wallpapers already stored on your device. If you’re running Android 7.0 or newer, you can set different images for your home screen and lock screen.

Personally, I enjoy the quirky and colorful original designs offered up by Backdrops, but this is great for when you want photographic backgrounds. You can grab the free app now from Google Play.

Google Play on Wallpapers

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Programming Language & Code used to develop Facebook, Google, Windows, Apple’s OS, Linux & others

Top software and the programming language in which they are written

We always hear that this programming language is good or that is better. We get the most popular programming languages list from a variety of sources like Stack Exchange, TIOBE, Github, etc. But do you know which programming languages are actually used in writing popular software like Google’s Chrome or Microsoft’s Office (Excel, Word and Powerpoint)?

Contrary to popular  perception, most popular software are forks of different coding languages which means that the tech companies use different programming languages to make the software. However, some software also use a single coding language. Here are some popular software and their programming languages.

Google Search :

BackRub (Google’s first incarnation) was written in Java and Python. Now, Google’s front end is written in C and C++ and its famous crawlers (Spyders) were written in Python. However, the  crawler kept crashing, and indexes got stale with old information, therefore Google developed a new crawler (capable of incremental index updates) written in C++.

Google Chrome :

Google Chrome is written in C++, Assembly and Python


All Adobe products (Photoshop, Acrobat, Illustrator, etc) are written in C/C++ and embed Javascript (Adobe calls their implementation ActionScript), and then the UI etc. are written in Javascript.


Microsoft products (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) are written in C/C++, embed a VB engine and the UI etc. are written in VB. Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system is written in C++ while its kernel is written in C.


Apple’s Mac OS X is written in Objective C while its kernel is also written in C. The IO PnP subsystem in Mac OS X uses Embedded C++.


Most of the Linux is written in C programming language. Most Apps are  written in Python, KDE is all C++.  All Linux kernels use Assembly code as well.


The first release of AutoCAD is purely written in C and some parts in Assembly. The current version however, is written fully in C++. The popular AutoCAD wrappers are written in AutoLISP, Visual LISP, VBA,  Dot NET and JavaScript.


YouTube was initially written in PHP, but they switched to Python very early in their history. They stuck with Python all the way until they were acquired by Google.


Most of the popular blue UI front end that we see today on Facebook  is written in PHP, Much of it is written using XHP, and the runtime is HipHop for PHP. Facebook also uses a lot of JavaScript and Erlang.


The world’s most popular cloud storage App uses Python as its main programming language.


The creators of Quora, who used to work for Facebook, chose Python because it’s expressive and quick to write. LiveNode, one of the internal systems that manages the display of content on the web page, is partly written in Python.


Reddit one of the biggest communities of the web and its registered users, people like you, provide the content. Originally written in Common Lisp, it was rewritten in Python in 2005 to gain greater development flexibility and access to Python’s plethora of code libraries.

We will continue to update the Software and their programming langauges.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

IGNOU BCA 2nd Semester 2016-17 Solved Assignments

Here we are uploading the solved assignments for IGNOU BCA 2nd Semester.
All the solved assignments for BCA 2nd Semester will be updated on this page so stay connected with us for latest udates.





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Saturday, 10 September 2016


Here we are uploading the solved assignments for IGNOU BCA 1st Semester.
All the solved assignments of BCA 2nd Semester will be updated on this page so stay connected with us for latest udates
Click on the course code to download solved assignment.

BCS-011 Solved Assignment 2016-17

BCS-012 Solved Assignment 2016-17

BCSL-013 Solved Assignment 2016-17

Above mentioned assigments are available for sale.
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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Reliance Jio Offer extended to Micromax,Lava,Karbonn,Gionee,Asus,Panasonic,Alcatel,Xolo,LG,TCL,Yu,Samsung

Reliance Jio SIM Offer Extended to Smartphones by 4 More OEMs

Another day, another set of OEMs added to the Reliance Jio SIM offer. Now, if you have a 4G smartphone by Gionee, Karbonn, Lava, or Xolo, chances are you can get your hands on a Reliance Jio SIM for free at at Reliance Digital, Digital Xpress, and Digital Xpress Mini stores as well as select other retail outlets.

While some stores are now offering a Reliance Jio SIM to anyone with a 4G SIM, others are still sticking by the book and providing them only to owners on smartphones that are on the 'official' whitelist. So Thursday's development will be music to the ears of those owning smartphones by the four manufacturers.

If you have one of these smartphones, you can get a Reliance Jio SIM by following the steps indicated below:

Gionee phones
E8, F103 Pro, F103(1GB), F103(2GB), F103(3GB), M4, M5, M5 Lite, M5 Lite CDMA, M5 Plus, P5L, S Plus, S6, S6s, S7, V6L

Karbonn phones
Aura 1, Aura Power, Quattro L45 IPS, Quattro L50 HD, Quattro L51 HD, Quattro L52 VR, Quattro L55 HD

Lava phones
A71, A72, A76, A76 Plus, A88, A89, A97, Ivory s 4g, Lava V5 M, Pixel V2, V2s, X10, X11, X12, X17, X28, X38, X41, X41 Plus, X46, X50, X50 Plus, X81

Xolo phones
Black-1X M, era 1X, era 2X, era 4G, era 4K, era X

How to get Reliance Jio SIM without Lyf phone:

Download & Open MyJio App from Play StoreTap on Get Jio SIM on the BannerTap on Agree & Get Jio offerSelect your location from the drop downRead through the steps and click onNextOffer Code can be viewed on the screen. Note down your offer code.Check the required documents for submission and visit the nearest Reliance Store.

(Also seeReliance Jio SIM Officially Available for These Smartphones)

The Reliance Jio SIM is also available to owners of the following phones using the above method and for all Lyf-branded smartphones:

Samsung phones
Grand Prime 4G, Galaxy J1, Galaxy J2, Galaxy J7, Galaxy J5, Galaxy S5 Plus, Galaxy A5, Galaxy A7, Galaxy Core Prime 4G, Galaxy S6, Galaxy J3 (2016), ON7, Galaxy A8, Galaxy S6 Edge, ON5, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Galaxy Note 4 Edge, Galaxy Note 5 Duos, Galaxy S5 Neo, S7, Galaxy A5 (2016), Galaxy A7 (2016), S7 Edge, A8 VE, J5 (2016), J7 (2016), ON5 Pro, ON7 Pro, Galaxy J2 (2016), J Max, Galaxy A9, Galaxy A9 Pro, Galaxy C5, Galaxy C7, Galaxy J2 Pro, Galaxy Note 7.

LG phones
K332 (K7 LTE), K520DY (Stylus 2), K520DY, H860 (LG G5), K500I (X Screen), K535D (Stylus 2 Plus), LGH630D (G4 Stylus 4G) & LGH 442 (LGC70 Spirit LTE)

Micromax phones
Bolt Selfie, Canvas 5, Canvas 5 Lite, Canvas 5 Lite Special Edition, Canvas 6, Canvas 6 Pro, Canvas Amaze 4G, Canvas Blaze 4G, Canvas Blaze 4G Plus, Canvas Evok, Canvas Fire 4G, Canvas Fire 4G plus, Canvas Fire 6, Canvas Juice 4G, Canvas Knight 2, Canvas Mega 2, Canvas Mega 4G, Canvas Nitro 4G, Canvas Pace 4G, Canvas Play 4G, Canvas Pulse 4G, Canvas Sliver 5, Canvas Tab, Canvas Unite 4, Canvas Xpress 4G, Unite 4 Plus, Unite 4 Pro

Yu phones
Yu Yureka, Yu Yutopia, YU Note, Yu Yuphoria, Yunicorn, Yunique, Yuphoria, Yureka Plus, Yureka S

Asus phones
ZenFone 2 Laser (ZE550KL), Zenfone 2 (ZE551ML), Zenfone Max (ZC550KL), Zenfone 2 Laser 5.0 (ZE500KL), Zenfone 2 (ZE550ML), Zenfone Selfie( ZD551KL), Zenfone 2 Laser (ZE601KL), Zenfone Zoom(ZX551ML), Zenfone Go 5.0 LTE (T500), Zenfone 3 ZE552KL, Zenfone 3 Laser( ZC551KL), Zenfone 3( ZE520KL), Zenfone 3( ZS570KL), Zenfone 3( ZU680KL)

Panasonic phones
ELUGA L, ELUGA Switch, ELUGA Icon, T45, ELUGA I2 ( 1GB ), ELUGA L2, ELUGA Mark, ELUGA Turbo, ELUGA Arc, ELUGA I2 2GB, ELUGA I2 3GB, ELUGA I3, ELUGA Icon 2, ELUGA A2, ELUGA Note, P55 Novo 4G, ELUGA Arc 2, P77

TCL phones
FIT 5.5, Pride T500L, TCL 560, TCL 562

Alcatel phones
OneTouch X1, Pixi 4 -5, POP Star, POP3, POP4

(Also seeHow to Get a Reliance Jio SIM for Free)

Reliance Jio had earlier announced the extension of its Jio Preview offer to owners of Micromax, Yu, Asus, Panasonic, TCL, and Alcatel 4G smartphones. At the moment, a Reliance Jio SIM comes with 3 months of unlimited calling, data, SMS, and access to Jio services likeJioOnDemand.

Reliance Jio - which is currently testing its network - is expected to do a commercial launch of its network in the 'coming months', accordingto Mukesh Ambani, Reliance Industries Limited Chairman. Ambani is said to have recently metTelecom Secretary JS Deepak to discuss rollout plans for Reliance Jio, which has accusedincumbent players of not releasing sufficient interconnection ports during its test run of services.

Saturday, 13 August 2016


Here You can download your grade card for June 2016-17 results.
No more talk Click Here to check your result and grade card.

Monday, 1 August 2016


Here we are providing free Solved Assignments for IGNOU BCA
BCA 1st Semester 2016-17 Solved Assignments
BCA 2nd Semester 2016-17 Solved Assignments
BCA 3rd Semester 2016-17 Solved Assignments
BCA 4th Semester 2016-17 Solved Assignments
BCA 5th Semester 2016-17 Solved Assignments
BCA 6th Semestet 2016-17 Solved Assignments

Solved assignments are available in pdf format for download

Monday, 11 July 2016

Samsung Galaxy J Max launched in India at Rs 13,400, comes with 7 inch display

Samsung Galaxy J Max launched in India at Rs 13,400, comes with 7 inch display
Just earlier today reports aboutSamsung Galaxy J Max started coming. Now, Samsung has officially announced the launch ofGalaxy J Max in India, putting an end to all speculations. This 7 inch display bearing device is priced at Rs 13,400 and will be available in Black and Gold colors. It will go on sale from this month end across multiple sales channels. With this, users will also get double data benefit plan from Airtel worth up to Rs 4,500 for 6-months, a free Bluetooth headset and free subscription of Viu, a video on demand service for 1 year.
The SamsungGalaxy J Max features a 7 inch TFT WXGA display with resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. It is armed with a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor and 1.5GB of RAM. It has 16GB of internal storage which is expandable to up-to 200GB via a micro SD card. The smartphone runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system.
The SamsungGalaxy J Max sports an 8-megapixel auto-focus rear camera with LED flash and f/1.9 aperture and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera with f/2.2 aperture. The smartphone is backed up by a 4000 mAh battery. Further, the smartphone offers Dual SIM, 4G with VoLTE, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi (802.11b/g/n(20MHz)), a USB 2.0 port, GPS/ AGPS and micro USB port. The smartphone measures 186.9 x 108.8 x 8.7 mm.
With this screen size, the Samsung Galaxy J Max gives direct competition to recently launched Xiaomi Mi Max with 6.44 inch display and the soon to be launched Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra that has 6.8 inch display. Lenovo Phab and Phab Plus also come with 6.98 inch and 6.8 inch screen size.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Try WhatsApp New Features Before Anybody Else

If you are an ace in juggling technology on your finger tips, then this news is for you. WhatsApp now offers Android users its beta versions so they can try out new features before everyone else.
In order to do that, you just have to sign up to be a WhatsApp Testers straight from Google Play.
Click on this link given below
Or Click Here
2. Click on “BECOME A TESTER” button.
3. WhatsApp will now automatically update your device with the most recent beta version.
You can remove the beta at any time. Simply go back to the first link above and click the “Leave the program” link.
By becoming the WhatsApp tester you will be able to test the newer versions of WhatsApp and you would always know which new feature could be coming next on WhatsApp.
There is a warning too! If you install the beta version, your mobile may freeze or restart itself at times (as mentioned in the terms and conditions). This is absolutely normal, and nothing to worry about. Your phone will become normal after the update.

Sunday, 22 May 2016


IGNOU Hall Ticket For 2016 Exams is now available you can easily download and print the hall ticket from the following link. May be some of you are facing problem of the given link on ignou site is redirecting to December 2015 Hall ticket Page. But don't worry here we have the working link.


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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Thursday, 17 March 2016




Monday, 29 February 2016

Paytm Latest Cashback Offers For March

Rs.222 Cashback
1. Rs. 16 Cashback On Rs.160 or Above Recharges and Bill Payments

2. Rs.30 Cashback on Rs.250 or Above Recharges and Bill Payments

3. Rs. 65 Cashback on Rs.500 or Above Recharges and Bill Payments

Terms & Conditions
*Maximum cashback per user per number is Rs. 222.
*Valid on Recharges, Bill Payments, Electricity and DTH.
*Each code can be used 2 times per user.
*A number can be recharged only 2 times per code.
*A number can be recharged only 6 times using this campaign.Cashback will be credited within 24 hours of the transaction into user's Paytm Wallet.
*Valid for all users.Valid on web & app.We reserve the right to end any or all offers at our discretion without any prior notice.
*Valid only on 29th February'16
*Promocode is not valid on Airtel Prepaid, Postpaid, D2H and Landline.

Friday, 26 February 2016


IGNOU BCA 3rd Senester Assignments are available here for Download
Click oBCS - 031n the Subject Codes to Download the files.
BCSL-031 2016
BCS-032 2016
BCSL-033 2016
BCSL-034 2016
MCS -014 2016
MCS -021 2016
MCS -023 2016

For Some More Helpful Files Plz Click Here To Download

Tuesday, 23 February 2016


IGNOU BCA 2nd SEMESTER All Subject Assignments are Avaiable Here Fo Free Direct Download Links Are Given Below..
Click on the Subject Name To Download the Assignment:








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