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Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Note: old but working, Explained with screenshots.

*. First of all go to this link and register an Account.

*. Verify You Email ID.

*. Then Click here to Download ''''Your Freedom Software''''
*. After Downloading ,Install the software, run it as administrator..

Then Click on the Configure button.

Then click on server selection on that software and write Address:


Connection type: HTTP
1 15

*.Now navigate to the Proxy Settings tab above the Server Selection tab.

Then type Proxy Address as,


2 13

*.Now go to Account Information and add your username and password that you have registered in the first step..

3 7

*.Now go to the main screen and navigate to Ports then untick on Web Proxy and type 8080 and then again tick on Web Proxy...


For Configuring Browser:

*.Open your Firefox and then go to Options > Advanced >Network> Settings then click on Manual proxy configurations and type and Port:8080

For Configuring IDM:

*. Open IDM and then go to Options > Proxy/Socks > Use Proxy then type and Port:80, then tick the boxes http,https,ftp


*.Now click on Start Connection on the Your Freedom software.

*. Your connection will be tunneled and you will gain access to internet..

4 3

*.After using it for some minutes, Go to

*. Goto account

*. On the left side,click try before buy

*.Now select the package(HIGH SPEED)

*.Click OK.

*.Now your freedom client will get high speed Internet access.


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