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Saturday, 22 November 2014


Airtel 3g back on track we are sharing new modded configs for airtel 3g vpn trick based on tcp ports also we have included 3 differnet host configs for as per host limits we have used the best hosts which provides huge download limits as well as browsing , airtel 3g always will be the best choice of many of us users we we really need tricks for some important work , i never waste my free airtel 3g free quota for free using free internet , we are trying to find some new tricks and tweaks for airtel 3g we have tried airtel 3g bbm trick again but we haven't succeded anyways lets wait for the best to come.

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Some Basic Requirement For this AirTel 3G TCP Trick 2014

1.AirTel 3G Enabled Sim card

2.Maintain main balance of Rs. 0 , Data Pack Required .


4.Speed Up to 500KBPS Tested on In 7.2 Mbps Modem.

5.Enough for this trick.

How To Use This Trick :
For PC Users : 1. First Install NMD VPN. If Already Installed Then Skip This Step.

2. If You Don't Have NMD VPN Then Download It From - Click Here to Download Nmdvpn.
3. Now Copy All Config Files And Paste Them Into VPN Configs Directory Of NMD VPN (C:\Program Files\NMDVPN\config)

4. Now Connect Your Internet And Then - Right Click On NMD VPN Icon In Desktop And Run as Admin.

5. After That - From System Tray Icon Connect Your Net With Your Config. You Get Connect. Enjoy

For Mobile Users : Mobile Users Read A Complete Post About How To Connect With VPN From - Click Here
AirTel 3G VPN New Modded Configs [KHOJINET.IN]
Note: Change password every week from to make this config work.

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