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Monday, 4 August 2014


WeChat's Friends n Rewards Recharge Offer (4th-13thAugust 2014)

How to get Rs 60/- recharge for FREE with WeChat?
It's simple--Send stickers in a WeChat contact group daily for next 10 days.

-Send in a new group or in an existing one(no matters). Send stickers for a minimum of 3 days during the recharge offer to be eligible for recharge.

Note: 1.Stickers from 'Sticker Gallery' only will be considered eligible for the activity.
2.Participate any day between 4th-13thAug.On your 1st Day of 'sending sticker in a group' get Rs. 10 as your balance and on every subsequent day get Rs. 5.

1stDay = Rs.10
2ndDay =+Rs.5
9thDay = +Rs.5
10thDay = +Rs.10

Send stickers in a group on all 10 days starting 4thAug & get Rs.60/- Recharge.

To check your balance --Go to "Recharge" tab inside WeChat team.-Press "My Balance" submenu.*Recharge balance will be updated within 2 hours of sending stickers in group.

To redeem your balance -You can redeem your recharge balance only between 14th-20thAug using the 'My Balance' tab.

Offer Period:9 AM on 4thAugust 2014 till 11:00 PM on 13thAugust 2014
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