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Thursday, 31 October 2013

The 5 Most Basic Methods to Start Learning Hacking...

The 5 Most Basic Methods to Start Learning Hacking:-
1. Learn TCP/IP, HTTP and HTTP Proxies.
2. Learn HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Python and C++
3. Learn Web Application Arch. & OWASP Top 10 Vul.
4. Learn Common Attacks, Flaws, Bugs and Exploits.
5. Work with Linux, & Try to Understand How System Works.

That's it - This is basic methods to start learning hacking - By :- (Gautam Kumawat) Share this with your friends, and Share little Knowledge - And feel free to ask anything - i'm here Always. Remember Everything is Available on Internet, Just you need to hunt deeply - Make Google your best friend.. And never ask any hacker to teach you hacking ... There is no one in this world who would truly share his all skills, If you've ability, Skills and Mind - Then do it by yourself . Thank!ng Y0u.
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