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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Play Store Not Working or Opening Issue...

Android phones are mostly used phone’s now-days there is lot of phone’s in market some of them are with higher configuration and some of them is with lower but all of the android user may face this problem some time’s Android Play Store Not Working Or Opening and giving this error has stopped error.
This is really very irritating experience ever you can’t download any thing from your mobile. every time when you open your play store it crashed and keep off all the time. don’t worry this is very easy to fix there is 2,3 method to fix this problem i will show you all the method’s chose which one worked for you. 8-)

Acctually what happend is your app download manager is disabled you need to restart or enable it so you need to do some steps.
It shouldn’t really matter on what device you see this error, or with what app/function it occurred, just follow these easy steps
Android Play Store Not Working Or Opening

Method 1 :
1. Go to MENU
3. Go to APPS
4. Look for DOWNLOAD MANAGER under ALL
5. Disable it then enable it
Menu-> Settings-> Apps-> All-> Download Manager (Disable then enable)
If for some reason that doesnt work, try clearing your app cache, or deleting some recently downloaded apps.

Method 2 :
1. Go to MENU
3. Go to APPS
4.Go to All Apps
5. Click the Bottom Left Touch Button ->And Select Reset Apps ->(this will not erase the apps) This Will Only Restore the Apps into its Fixed State.
After follow these steps your problem will solved as soon as possible.
so here is all about Android Play Store Not Working Or Opening you can easily fix this problem.
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